Formal Suit Hire Milton Keynes

Many people will not be surprised to hear that the selection of formal suit hire providers in Milton Keynes is very low. The reason for this could be due to the fact that Milton Keynes is still quite a new area and there just isn’t enough demand for certain types of business to exist. Bearing this in mind, it is worth mentioning that most people in Milton Keynes have to shop outside the town to satisfy their formal suit hire needs.

At the moment, the following independent retailers are some of the most renowned around Milton Keynes:
  • Victor Boss
  • Fogarty Formal Hire
  • Vickers Menswear

Victor Boss

Victor Boss are one of the few companies who are actually based in Milton Keynes, with the business situated in the MK18 area of the town. The company have been established for several years and currently offer a large variety of different formal suits for hire. Unfortunately, there is no online functionality at the moment and customers are instead welcomed to the company’s establishment for a personalised fitting session.

Fogarty Formal Hire

Fogarty Formal Hire are actually based quite far outside of Milton Keynes, with the company residing in Leighton Buzzard. However, they make no secret of the fact they off a formal suit hire service to the people of Milton Keynes and they should most definitely be considered, especially for those who are making group bookings where big discounts can be obtained.

Vickers Menswear

Vickers Menswear are another firm who do not operate directly out of Milton Keynes. Instead, the company are based in Northampton although again, they are more than happy to accept custom from the Milton Keynes market. Vickers Menswear have been in operation for over twenty two years and boast a wide variety of styles in their formal suits section. The company ask that customers call their store before visiting, as their outlet can get busy.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire in Milton Keynes

Unfortunately, there is also a shortage of major providers of formal suit hire in Milton Keynes. The likes of Slaters and 1860 Greenwoods do not have any outlets in the area, while other companies also have a limited offering. For example, Moss Bros does not have any stores in Milton Keynes itself, although there are shops in nearby Bedford and Northampton. Youngs Hire is the only major provider which does have a store in the town, with the Milton Keynes Debenhams store including a Youngs Hire department.

Formal Suit Hire Milton Keynes Summary

It is obvious to see that there is not a huge market for formal suit hire in Milton Keynes. Unlike some towns, Milton Keynes barely has any options when it comes to this market and this means that residents of the area have to shop around in other regions. Unfortunately, there is also just one major provider of formal suit hire situated in Milton Keynes, with the town at least benefiting from a Youngs Hire establishment that can be found in the central Debenhams store.

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