Formal Suit Hire Newcastle

Newcastle is one city in the United Kingdom which always seems to have something occurring, with the people of the area renowned as being highly sociable. Bearing this in mind, there are many opportunities when one may want to hire a formal suit and fortunately, there is a large supply in the city. There are many independent suppliers of the garments and if one would prefer to go for the more reputable route, there are several of the major retailers residing in Newcastle.

The following three companies are currently seen as some of the leading providers of formal suit hire for Newcastle:
  • Chris Hayward
  • West Terrace Menswear
  • Waltons

Chris Hayward

Chris Hayward can only be described as one of the premier providers of formal suit hire in Newcastle. The company have served several A-list celebrities with their garments although despite this, their prices are still reasonable. Chris Hayward do not accept any orders online but it is definitely worth visiting their shop in Heaton to discover their full range of formal suits.

West Terrace Menswear

West Terrace Menswear are another company who do not have an online shop although again, this should not act as a deterrent to customers. The firm stock many different styles of formal suits and they are happy to provide a representative to talk with customers about their exact requirements and the type of garment they will require for the specific occasion.


Out of the companies discussed, there is no doubt that Waltons are the most well known in the Newcastle area. The company have developed into a major brand across the North East and currently stock a variety of high quality formal suits, including a Prince Edward, Windsor and Balmoral. Such variety means that the consumer will never be stuck for choice and to analyse all their styles, customers are advised to have a look at the Waltons shop in the city centre of Newcastle.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Newcastle

As explained previously, Newcastle is inundated with firms vying for competition in the formal suit hire industry. As well as all of the independent ones discussed previously, there are also several national brands based in the city such as the following:
  • Moss Bros – Moss Bros currently have one outlet in Newcastle, with this being situated right in the heart of the city.
  • Slaters – It is a similar story for Slaters, with this company also having one store based in Newcastle’s city centre.
  • Youngs Hire – One can find the Youngs Hire brand by visiting the Debenhams shop in the main shopping mall in Newcastle.

Formal Suit Hire Newcastle Summary

It is clear to see that Newcastle is one city in the country which has the luxury of having many options for those looking for formal suit hire. There are countless independent retailers offering such a service, while three of the main national brands can also be found within the city. Bearing this in mind, there should never be a time when one struggles to hire a formal suit in Newcastle.

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