Formal Suit Hire North East

The fact that the North East offers consumers so many formal suit hire options should not come as any surprise considering the size of the region. Whether it is independent retailers or national high street brands, most major cities in the North East have something to offer consumers and this means there are usually few problems in locating a formal suit.

For now, the following three businesses are seen as some of the most reputable providers of formal suit hire in the North East:
  • Just Perfect
  • Waltons Menswear
  • Alan Jackman

Just Perfect

Just Perfect are primarily a bridal ware company, although the firm still stock a decent selection of formal suits that are available to hire. The company have over ten years of experience, although it has to be said that their menswear section is still quite new. However, even though they haven’t supplied formal suits for very long, Just Perfect are still quite competitive with their prices. For example, one can pick up a formal suit for just £89.

Waltons Menswear

Based in Newcastle, Waltons Menswear claim to be the best provider of formal suit hire in the North East. As well as Newcastle, the company service all parts of the North East including Durham and Sunderland. Unlike the previous firm, Waltons Menswear do not publish a full list of prices but their catalogue is certainly extensive, with nine different formal suits currently on offer.

Alan Jackman

Alan Jackmanare another company based in Newcastle and they also claim to be one of the most reputable firms in the region. The firm have been in existence for over nine years and in comparison to the first company looked at, it would be fair to say that prices are much lower. For example, a customer can hire a full formal suit outfit for just £50.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for the North East

All of the major providers of formal suit hire are based in the North East:
  • Slaters – Slaters currently have one outlet based in Newcastle.
  • Moss Bros – Moss Bros have several stores that can be found across the North East.
  • Youngs Hire – On a similar note, there is no shortage of Youngs Hire outlets across the North East and one should be able to locate one in most major cities.
  • 1860 Greenwoods – 1860 Greenwoods currently boast a total of thirteen outlets across the North East.

Formal Suite Hire North East Summary

As highlighted above, there are a vast number of providers of formal suit hire across the North East. Most of the big cities in the region have at least several independent retailers, with the majority of these having long histories that suggest reliability. Moreover, if one would rather not shop with one of these establishments, there are many of the national brands that operate in the area. All four of the major businesses in the industry have bases in the North East, meaning that there is an absolute wealth of options.

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