Formal Suit Hire Norwich

Norwich is one city in the United Kingdom that does not offer a huge variety of choice for consumers wishing to hire a formal suit. Fortunately, all of the major brands in the industry have stores in the city, but the choice is somewhat limited in relation to local providers. This means that a lot of people tend to visit other local areas and make their purchases there.

The following companies are seen as some of the leading independent suppliers of formal suits in Norwich:
  • Garry Andrew
  • Coes
  • Dreams Bridal Ware

Garry Andrew

Garry Andrew actually have two shops across the UK, with one based in Swindon and the other in Norwich. The latter is the newest of the stores and offers customers a hugely varied range of suits. Overall, the company has been established since 1996 and even though they have not been in Norwich for that length of time, they still have a very good reputation in the area. Unfortunately, Garry Andrew does not publish any prices and customers are required to either telephone or make an appearance at the shop itself to enquire about a quote.


Coes are an example of one company who are not situated directly in Norwich, but are within a commutable distance and definitely worth a visit. The firm are seen as one of the most renowned providers of formal suit hire in the region and offer a vast range for customers. Furthermore, Coes allow their customers to make bookings online through the self-measuring form they make available.

Dreams Bridal Ware

Even though the name suggests otherwise, Dreams Bridal Ware also have a menswear section and are seen as a reputable provider of formal suit hire in Norwich. At the moment, there are three types of formal suits available to hire although unlike the previous company, Dreams Bridal Ware do not operate an online shop and customers must visit the store in Sprowston to obtain a quote.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Norwich

With such a limited selection of independent retailers offering a formal suit hire service in Norwich, residents of the area will be pleased to hear that many of the national brands have outlets in the city. Examples of these include:
  • 1860 Greenwoods – This company have a store situated in the heart of the Norwich city centre.
  • Slaters – Similarly, the Slaters outlet in Norwich is also in the city centre.
  • Moss Bros – In keeping with the previous two firms, Moss Bros currently have one shop in Norwich and this is also in the centre.
  • Youngs Hire – The Youngs Hire outlet in Norwich can be found in the shopping mall in the city centre.

Formal Suit Hire Norwich Summary

It would be fair to say that consumers wishing to hire a formal suit in Norwich may be slightly disappointed, with the city offering very few independent retailers. However, for those people who are happy to shop with a chain brand, there are plenty of solutions with Slaters, Moss Bros, Youngs Hire and 1860 Greenwoods all having outlets in the area.

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