Formal Suit Hire Oxford

The size and reputation of Oxford would suggest that suit hire would be a highly saturated industry. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, with the dinner suit industry in particular having very few options. It has to be said there are more choices when it comes to formal suit hire, with several local and national companies offering a reliable hire service.

For now, the three local companies listed below are seen as some of the most recognised providers of formal suit hire in Oxford:
  • Domino Formal Hire
  • The Ballroom Oxford
  • Walters

Domino Formal Hire

Based in Thame, Domino Formal Hire are located perfectly for the people of Oxford. The company cater for all types of formal suits and unlike many firms in the area, Domino Formal Hire also publish a full list of prices. At the moment, there are three different styles to choose from, with prices starting from £70. Unfortunately, this company do not allow online orders and instead ask that customers at least telephone their store to enquire about availability.

The Ballroom Oxford

The Ballroom Oxford are situated in central Oxford and cater for all types of formal hire. At the moment, the firm have two different styles to hire, with prices available on request. The company are open six days a week and customers must visit their store to make an order.


Walters are seen as one of the most recognised providers of formal suit hire in Oxford and with a history spanning over 150 years, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. One of their biggest claims to fame is that they are the leading supplier for Oxford University, which obviously highlights just how much quality is in their garments. Prices for formal suit hire appear very competitive as well, with some suits costing as little as £39. Furthermore, Walters have added online shop functionality meaning that customers no longer have to visit their store but can make orders over the internet.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire in Oxford

It would be fair to say that there is a bigger choice for local providers of formal suit hire in Oxford, with very few national companies residing in the area. 1860 Greenwoods and Slaters do not have outlets in Oxford, leaving the consumer with the following choices:
  • Youngs Hire –Youngs Hire currently have one outlet in Oxford, with this being situated in the Debenhams store on Magdalen Street.
  • Moss Bros – Similarly, Moss Bros have one store in Oxford, with this also being situated in the city centre. For those people who are happy to travel further afield, the company also have a shop around ten miles away in Bicester.

Formal Suit Hire Oxford

While the people of Oxford can sometimes struggle to obtain hire clothing, there are plenty of local companies offering a formal suit hire service. Unfortunately, the choice is slightly more limited in relation to the national brands, although Youngs Hire and Moss Bros still have stores that should be able to satisfy most people’s demands.

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