Formal Suit Hire Plymouth

Those looking for formal suit hire in Plymouth will be pleased to hear that the city has plenty of retailers offering such a service. With that being said, the majority of these are independent businesses and those who are attempting to find a major brand in Plymouth will probably come away feeling disappointed.

At the moment, the following companies are seen as some of the most respected providers of formal suit hire in Plymouth:
  • Stiches Tailors
  • DMJ Weddings
  • Prudence Gowns

Stiches Tailors

As the name suggest, Stiches Tailors are primarily a tailor but have recently started to offer a formal menswear hire service. This has proved a very popular segment of their business and as such, they have to be highly recommended. Overall, the company has been in operation for over twenty five years and they have recently made the step to extend their hire section. Furthermore, the company have an online shop meaning that consumers do not have to visit their store in St Judes to hire an item.

DMJ Weddings

DMJ Weddings also have a colourful history and are seen as a reliable service in the industry. Despite the name, the company cater for all types of events and have a very good offering of formal suits. Their formal suit hire packages are composed of seven garments and with items such as cuff links being included; customers certainly get everything they could wish for in the package. Unfortunately, DMJ Weddings do not publish a full list of prices and ask that customers visit their shop for a fitting session.

Prudence Gowns

It would be fair to say that Prudence Gowns are more suited to the female market, with most of their products being wedding dresses. However, they do hold a formal hire section and this presents consumers with many different styles. For example, one can hire anything from a Newport to an Ironbridge suit, although at the moment there is no online shop functionality and customers must visit Prudence Gowns to complete an order.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Plymouth

As explained previously, there is something of a limited selection when it comes to major businesses in the industry. In fact, at the moment, there are just two of the national retailers that can be found in the city:
  • Youngs Hire – Customers wishing to find Youngs Hire can do so by visiting the Debenhams store that is in the city centre.
  • Moss Bros – Plymouth’s Moss Bro’s store isn’t located too far from the above, with this also being in the city centre.

Formal Suit Hire Plymouth Summary

The people of Plymouth are in the fortunate position of having many options in regards to formal suit hire. With that being said, the vast majority of these options are local retailers, with many of the major brands deciding not to reside in the city. This means that the only two major brands found in Plymouth at the current time are Youngs Hire and Moss Bros.

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