Formal Suit Hire Sheffield

With Sheffield being one of the UK’s biggest cities, it is not surprising to see so many retailers offering a formal suit hire service. The city boasts a mixture of independent and major brands in the area, meaning that consumers have a huge array of choice to select from.

In terms of the independent providers in Sheffield, the following companies are seen as some of the most reputable in the city:
  • Greene & Clark
  • Philip Johnson
  • Mobile Hire Attire

Greene & Clark

Greene & Clark have several showrooms dotted around Yorkshire, with their Sheffield branch based in The Devonshire Quarter. Unlike most companies operating in the formal suit hire industry, Greene & Clark actually manufacture their own suits which means that customers are guaranteed to be wearing a unique set of garments. At the moment, the company do not have an online shop and ask customers to visit one of their showrooms.

Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson are one of the most well-knowncompanies in the market in Sheffield and offer a good selection of formal suits to customers. At the moment, Philip Johnson has four different types of formal suits available for hire, although customers are asked to visit their store to make a price enquiry.

Mobile Hire Attire

As the name suggests, this company have a slightly different philosophy and offer a mobile service to their customers. The aim of Mobile Hire Attire is to take out the strain of hiring a formal suit, with the company first making a home visit to showcase their garments, before then arranging for delivery and collection. The company have a huge range of suits available to hire, with customers able to take out garments such as a Black Edward and Charcoal Albert pieces. Considering the variety, one should not be surprised to hear that prices can also vary enormously with some formal suits costing just £85 while others can be as much as £149.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Sheffield

As explained previously, there is a good selection of both small and national providers of formal suit hire in Sheffield. At the moment, Slaters and 1860 Greenwoods do not have outlets in the city, meaning that customers will have to be satisfied with the following companies:
  • Youngs Hire – Sheffield currently boasts one Youngs Hire store in the city, with this based in Debenhams in the Meadowhall Shopping Centre.
  • Moss Bros – This company also have an outlet in Meadowhall.

Formal Suit Hire Sheffield Summary

Sheffield is another of the UK’s major cities that is blessed with countless options in regards to formal suit hire. The city has many independent retailers offering the service, with some of these even offering a mobile department meaning that there really isn’t any inconvenience put onto the shoulders of the customer. For those people who would rather shop at an established and renowned brand, the city also boasts Youngs Hire and Moss Bros store. This means that residents of Sheffield really do have a huge choice of businesses to choose from.

Formal Suit Hire Sheffield

Sheffield is one city in which residents never have to worry about satisfying their formal suit hire demands. No matter what time of year it is, there is always a huge supply of the garments with many companies in the area offering a hire service.

In terms of independent providers of formal suit hire, the following three firms can be classed as some of the most reputable at the moment:
  • Formal Affair
  • Ashley Rodgers
  • Philip Johnson

Formal Affair

Formal Affair are one of the more commercial companies in Sheffield and because of this, customers can generally find themselves picking up very large discounts. In terms of their collection, there are currently five styles available to hire although unfortunately, none of these outfits are available online. With that being said, Formal Affair do provide a self-measuring form to allow customers to speed up the hiring process.

Ashley Rodgers

Ashley Rodgers first opened their doors over thirty years ago, making them one of the longest serving companies in the Sheffield region. The firm currently have nine styles available to hire and prices can vary substantially, with some costing £35 while others can stretch as high as £150. Similarly to the above firm, Ashley Rodgers do not take orders over the internet and ask customers to visit their store in Manor Top.

Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson are seen as one of the most renowned companies offering a formal suit hire service in Sheffield. At the moment there are four types of formal suits available to hire, although customers will have to visit for a quote as Philip Johnson do not publish a full list of prices. While the firm are not based completely centrally, they are situated in the S11 area of Sheffield which makes them highly accessible.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Sheffield

While there are a lot of companies offering a suit hire service in Sheffield, the majority of these appear to be small, independent companies. In terms of high street brands, there are just two national companies operating on the streets of Sheffield in the form of Moss Bros and Youngs Hire. Both of these stores are located in Meadowhall Shopping Centre, although Youngs Hire also have an outlet in the city centre. It is worth mentioning that two other major firms, Slaters and 1860 Greenwoods, do not have an outlet in Sheffield.

Formal Suit Hire Sheffield Summary

As highlighted above, there are a large number of shops in Sheffield who provide formal suit hire. Most of these outlets are similar in size, meaning that selections and prices are the same and it is difficult to barter. For those customers who are more comfortable shopping with a nationwide brand, the city also provides options. There is currently a Youngs Hire and Moss Bros, with both of these situated in Meadowhall Shopping Centre. With other, smaller retailers, also being located in this mall, it could be advisable to take a trip to Meadowhall and shop around all of the stores.

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