Formal Suit Hire York

York is one city which has plenty of businesses offering a formal suit hire service. The majority of these are independent retailers, although the likes of 1860 Greenwoods, Suit Direct and Youngs Hire still have stores in the area which means that consumers have a whole array of choices.

The following three companies are seen as some of the most popular stores offering formal suit hire in York at the moment:
  • York Hire Wear
  • Plush
  • High Society

York Hire Wear

York Hire Wear are arguably the most well-known provider of formal suit hire in the region. They stock a range of different styles, including Prince Edward and Maverick formal suits. Unfortunately, there is no option to order online although York Hire Wear are situated very conveniently as they reside in the YO1 postcode area of the city.


Plush are a relatively new company in the formal suit hire industry, having been open for less than two years. The company stock a variety of different styles, both for men and boys, with prices starting at a respectable £79. Furthermore, all garments are from Cameron Ross, meaning that customers are guaranteed quality when hiring. Just like the previous firm, Plush asks that customers schedule a fitting session before hiring a suit.

High Society

Based in Easingwold, High Society are situated just on the outskirts of York. It would be fair to say that High Society specialise in the female hire section, although their formal suit hire department is growing and one should definitely consider this option. There is currently no online shop functionality and customers have to visit the store to get properly measured.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for York

At the moment, neither Youngs Hire orSlaters have a store in the York area. Fortunately, there are several other major providers of formal suit hire in York, with the following being examples:
  • Suit Direct – Customers can locate this business by visiting the McArthur Glenn Designer outlet.
  • Moss Bros – Moss Bros also have a store in the McArthur Glenn Designer centre. As well as this, the company have another store which is based in the centre of York.
  • 1860 Greenwoods – Similarly, 1860 Greenwoods also have a store in the city centre.

Formal Suit Hire York Summary

It is clear to see that York has many options for formal suit hire. Unlike a lot of areas, residents of the area can enjoy the best of both worlds as the city has plenty of independent and major retailers. In regards to the latter, there are currently three major companies residing in the area in the form of Suit Direct, Moss Bros and 1860 Greenwoods. It has to be said that a lot of people tend to use these major firms in the area, as they all offer an option to hire garments online. This in contrast to the vast majority of independent retailers in the area, who all ask that customers visit their store for a full fitting session.

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