Formal Suit Hire Yorkshire

Residents of Yorkshire are in the fortunate position of having a wealth of options when it comes to formal suit hire. The county has a huge amount of independent retailers offering the service, while there is also a selection of high street brands.

The following companies are seen as some of the leading formal suit hire providers in Yorkshire:
  • Frank Bird
  • Tickled Pink Bridal
  • Carl Stuart

Frank Bird

Based in Barnsley, Frank Bird are seen as one of the most reputable brands in the formal suit hire industry in Yorkshire. The company was established all the way back in 1939 and its success can be highlighted through the fact that it was taken over by a large company in 2008. The firm stock a whole range of different formal suits, from a simple black tails suit to a Navy Prince Edward package. It would be fair to say that Frank Bird’s prices appear to match the rest of the industry, with suits costing anywhere between £45 and £120 depending on the package selected.

Tickled Pink Bridal

While the name of this company may appear quite feminine, the company do cater for menswear and have a very good reputation in Yorkshire. On first look, it appears as though Tickled Pink Bridal charge similar prices to the previous company, with a standard Prince Edward suit costing the consumer £80 to hire. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order any products through Tickled Pink Bridal’s website and customers must instead visit their store in Hatfield, Doncaster.

Carl Stuart

Carl Stuart are another company in Yorkshire who possess considerable experience in this industry, having first opened their doors over forty five years ago. At the moment, the company offer a handful of different styles for customers to hire although there is again no online functionality, and customers must call for a price quote.

Major Providers of Formal Suit Hire for Yorkshire

The size of Yorkshire means that all of the major brands have at least one retail outlet around the county. Examples of these include:
  • Slaters – Slaters have one shop in Yorkshire, in Leeds.
  • 1860 Greenwoods – There are currently twelve 1860 Greenwoods stores situated in the county.
  • Moss Bros – Practically every city in Yorkshire has access to a Moss Bros, with the company holding many bases in the county.
  • Youngs Hire – There are even more Youngs Hire stores in the county, with most of these being based as small departments in Debenhams stores.

Formal Suit Hire Yorkshire Summary

The size of Yorkshire means that there is always going to be a large number of firms offering a formal suit hire service. Most of these appear to be spread out, meaning that people all over the county have access to an outlet. Many of the local companies appear to have long histories, which does wonders for their reputation and hints that they are very reliable outlets. Furthermore, all of the national brands have branches across Yorkshire, which again provides another option to consumers.

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