Formal Suit Hire

With formal suits costing so much money to purchase, it is no surprise to see the market for formal suit hire absolutely thriving. Some high quality garments cost several hundred pounds to purchase outright and therefore it is simply not possible for some people to buy a suit for themselves. By hiring a formal suit, one can get a set of garments that matches their exact specification, for just a fraction of the price.

Every city in the United Kingdom should have at least one independent retailer offering a formal suit hire service. Most of these companies tend to have long histories and this highlights just how reputable they have become over the years. However, a lot of people are starting to use nationwide brands, with the following four found on many UK streets:
  • Moss Bros
  • Slaters
  • 1860 Greenwoods
  • Youngs Hire

Moss Bros

Moss Bros appear to be the largest supplier of formal suit hire in the UK, with the company having over 120 outlets dotted around the country. They offer countless formal suits available for hire and in comparison to an independent company, their service is very easy to use as customers can shop online. Moss Bros either allow customers to make an appointment for a full fitting session in one of their stores, or some people decide to use the self-measuring form which means that orders can be processed either by phone or online. With Moss Bros being such a large company, prices for this firm are very competitive and one can hire a set of formal garments for as little as £38.


In comparison to Moss Bros, Slaters are significantly smaller and have a fraction of the number of stores. Still, the company are seen as a major provider of formal suit hire in the United Kingdom and offer a vast range of garments to their customers. Unfortunately, while Slaters allow customers to purchase suits online, their hire department does not have an online shop which means that customers have to visit a local branch. It would be fair to say that prices for this company are significantly higher than Moss Bros, with the cheapest suit from Slaters costing £54 to hire.

1860 Greenwoods

1860 Greenwoods have been trading for over 150 years, which highlights the extensive experience the company have in this industry. Just like Slaters, the firm do not allow customers to hire items online but with so many stores across the country, it is definitely not difficult to make an order with this company. The pricing model for 1860 Greenwoods appears to be very similar to Slaters, with the cheapest hire set of formal garments costing £55.

Youngs Hire

Youngs Hire operate with a slightly different philosophy to the other companies listed, with the firm tending to place their stores as departments in Debenhams outlets. The company offer an extensive range of formal suits, with all of the standard garments such as Prince Edwards and frockcoats being available to hire. The typical price for a formal suit from this company appears to be about £50, putting them a little cheaper than the previous two firms discussed.

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