Grey Morning Suit Hire

Attending a formal event means dressing smart, and suits do not come any smarter than the morning suit. This type of suit is one of the most elegant on the market and will look the part at any wedding or royal occasion; the downside is they are not suitable for every occasion, this makes hiring the preferred option. Grey morning suit hire is seen as the perfect choice for both winter and summer events and is available in a range of styles, and fabrics to match all situations.

Morning suit for weddings

Grey morning suit hire is reserved for a small number of occasions, and it is not the type of suit that can be worn at a business meeting or at work daily.  The most common events for this suit are weddings, particularly your own wedding, or if you are part of the groom’s party (best man, page boy, fathers of the bride and groom, usher). A wedding suit will be the most important suit you will ever wear getting the look correct is massively important. The suit you choose should be one that both looks good and complements the bride’s dress and no expense should be spared. The grey morning suit is the ideal choice.

Whether the wedding is a traditional or contemporary ceremony, the morning suit does not look out of place, the different variations of the grey outfit mean that your look will be one that still looks relevant in thirty years when the time comes to show photographs to children and grandchildren.  

Jackets are the main feature of grey morning suit hire; they come in different cuts, lengths and styles, a choice of buttons and different styled lapels. There are tailcoats, Edwardian three-quarter length jackets and Nehru style coats, there are also jackets made by top designers such as Ted Baker. Trousers are generally matching of the jacket, although grey pinstripes are common with a plain grey tailcoat. You can choose to dress up a grey morning suit by including a waistcoat, wing collar shirt and cravat or go for a more relaxed look with a tie.

Morning suits for Royal Ascot

Another popular event where the grey morning suit hire is seen in very large numbers is Royal Ascot. This event is one of the largest in the horse-racing calendar and buying a ticket for the Royal enclosure will mean dressing in compliance with etiquette. This means a morning suit.

The grey morning suit at Royal Ascot will consist of a lightweight tailcoat which is perfect for the summer weather. This is traditionally combined with grey striped trousers, a grey waistcoat and choice of a tie. A top hat is also commonly worn to add to the regal look.

Hire shops both off and online are able to offer a grey morning suit hire as a package, this is perfect for achieving the complete look and will include everything needed to impress at your chosen event from jacket to handkerchief.

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