Groomsmen Suit Hire

Being asked to be a groomsman at a wedding is a huge honour. It will mean that you are valued by the groom and are wanted to play a large and visible role in the wedding. You will be required to support the groom not just on the big day but throughout the planning process, you will be also asked to attend and help organise pre-wedding rehearsals, stag-do’s and help in the choosing of the suits. Groomsmen suit hire is as important as the suit of the groom himself. This is because at most traditional weddings, the groom and the groomsman as well as the fathers of the bride and groom, ushers and page boys are dressed in the same attire. By helping the groom to choose a suit you will also be choosing the suit that is worn by you.

Although the groom will be the most important male at the ceremony, the role of the groomsman (also known as best man) is still pivotal. The suit that is worn will be scrutinised by people throughout the day and when making the all-important speech and featuring in photographs it is important to look the part.

Choosing a groomsmen suit

Groomsmen suit hire will be almost identical to the grooms, the only difference may be the jacket worn. There is a wide variety of suits available for weddings and formal, morning and lounge suits are all regularly used, coming in a range of styles, fabrics and colours. The final decision on which suit will be worn is made by the groom, but he will not make the decision without the help and advice of his groomsman.  

If you are someone that is knowledgeable in fashion then you be able to provide a great help in recommending colours and styles that suit the groom. You should always bear in mind the fact that this suit is to be worn for photographs that will be treasured long after the big day has passed; this may lead you to favouring a more traditional suit over modern fashion suits that will look more dated as years go by. If you are someone that is particularly good with fashion then enlist the help of a female friend or wedding shop assistant.

Hiring a suit

The most popular method of groomsmen suit hire is to visit a wedding hire shop; this is beneficial on a number of levels. First of all, it will allow you to see suits first hand and try on the different designs and fabrics to find a suitable look. Secondly, you can use the knowledge of the shop assistants who will be able to recommend suits that look good for all members of the groom’s party. Shop hire will also allow you to have suits tailored to perfectly match everyone based on chest, neck, waist, sleeves and inside leg measurements.

Another option of groomsmen suit hire is online, ordering this way is becoming more and more popular. Although you are unable to try on a suit before hiring, you will have access to a huge range of suits, often at discounted rates.

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