Hire A Dinner Suit

If you have received an invitation to a black-tie event, ball, banquet or prom you are going to require a suit in order to attend. Unless you already have a suit sitting in your wardrobe just waiting for an event to come along, you are going to need to acquire one; this will leave you with two options: buy or hire a dinner suit; it is the latter that is most recommended. Let’s look at the reasons why.

Dinner suit: buying VS hiring

How often do you attend the kind of event that requires a dinner suit? The answer to this question for most people is rarely. Buying a dinner suit can easily cost several hundred pounds, and that is a large amount of money and does not exactly represent value when you consider the amount of times a suit will be worn. Maybe you are someone that does attend a lot of these kinds of events, in this case buying maybe a viable option, but even this has its drawbacks. Attending an event using the same suit each time will lead to the suit becoming tired and worn out, not to mention risking being seen in the same suit repeatedly.

There is also the fashion risk of buying, if you opt for a modern and fashionable suit, you run the risk of that suit being out of fashion by the time it is next needed. To hire a dinner suit provides you with the ideal solution for all of these problems, it is cost friendly and allows you to choose a new and different suit every time, meaning you can turn up to an event looking stylish and on trend.

Types of dinner suit for hire

Dinner suit hire will give a customer a number of options in terms of style, choice and size. Many people assume that because most dinner and evening events require a black suit, choice is limited to only one outfit. This is not the case. When you begin your search to hire a dinner suit you will find a selection of single and double-breasted jackets, tailcoats and tuxedos that can be hired.

The single-breasted outfit is arguably the most popular and comes in one, two, three and four buttoned versions with trousers to match the fabric of the jacket. This type of dinner suit is favoured by younger gentlemen and can be accessorised perfectly with a wing or standard collar shirt, tie/bow tie and waistcoat.

The tuxedo is also a popular dinner suit hire choice and comes with a satin lapelled jacket and satin striped trousers. A ruffled shirt, bow tie and cummerbund can be added to complete the classic look. If you are looking to hire a dinner suit for a high-class  event or royal occasion, the tailcoat is the ultimate in luxury dinner suit, the jacket can be dressed up or down depending on the type of shirt and neck wear chosen creating a perfect look every time.

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