How Much To Hire A Suit

There are many occasions that require the use of a suit and there are many suits to cover those occasions. Weddings, banquets, balls and proms are all events where a suit is a must, and hiring is the perfect solution to finding an outfit that matches the etiquette. Suit hire is extremely popular in the UK and is the ideal alternative to buying, which is un-economical in relation to the amount of times a suit is actually needed. One of the most frequently asked searched terms on the internet in regard to suit hire is “how much to hire a suit?” There are a lot of factors that going into answering a question like this.

Price of suit hire

People wanting an answer “how much to hire a suit?” will need to consider the kind of event they are attending and the type of suit needed. These two elements along with where you choose to hire the suit from will be the defining factors in the overall cost.

The first thing you should be prepared to do is shop around. There are suit hire shops in towns and cities across the UK and many more on the internet, as there is no set price list for suit hire, each shop will have their products priced differently. Shopping around is your best chance of finding the best prices and the suits the match your preferences. Thanks to the popularity of internet shopping, many offline stores advertise their stock through a dedicated website; this will make your life a whole lot easier when searching for the perfect suit.

The type of event you are attending will impact on the overall cost of “how much to hire a suit?” some occasions require a more formal suit which may prove more expensive. A lounge suit is arguably the most popular type of suit, and they are hired for many different events. They are also available in a wide variety of fabrics. Cotton and linen lounge outfits will be a fairly cheap hire at around £30-£40.  

Wedding suits such as tailcoats and Edwardian jackets are more exclusive and will be more expensive to hire. Common fabrics for these kinds of suits are herringbone, fine wool and velvet these will generally cost upwards of £60 to hire.
Each suit will be priced on the colour, style and size of the outfit. Most occasions will also require accessories, and these will raise the overall price of hire.

Hiring a suit as a package

When finding an answer to “how much to hire a suit?” you will need to decide whether or not accessories will be needed. Extras can be added to suit hire to complete a look, these include:
  • Waistcoat
  • Cufflinks
  • Cravat/tie/bow-tie
  • Shirt
  • Pocket square/handkerchief
These accessories are often required for black-tie events and weddings, and it will be worth checking on the price of suit hire as a package. Paying separate for each item can be costly, fortunately most shops will offer a suit complete with every needed, discounts are often applied for hiring this way.

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