Indian Suit Hire

Indian suit hire is very popular in the UK and allows people to wear the finest suits to weddings and other formal events without having to pay over the odds buying one. The cost of a modern suit can amount to hundreds and paying out this kind of money seems silly for something that will only be used two or three times a year and even less than that for the majority of people. Hiring also allows you to stay ahead of the latest trends, the modern man is more than aware of how quickly new fashion comes and goes; buying a suit for one occasion can leave you looking out of touch when trying to use again. Opting for a hire suit means using a suit for one particular occasion and choosing something new every time another outfit is needed, this is ideal with Indian suits and will keep you looking relevant at all times.

Types of Indian suits

Indian suit hire will present you with a number of options; by far, the most popular is the sherwani suit, which can be used at almost any kind of formal event. With young Indian men keen to embrace their culture, the sherwani suit has become the must have formal outfit. The best thing about this type of suit is the array of colours and designs available. The sherwani suits consist of a garment similar to a jacket and traditional slim fitting trousers. It is the upper-body garment is the main element of this suit; the buttons, Nehru and three-quarter length give an excellent look, but it is the embroidery that makes the suit special. Indian suits are all about bright colour and intricate patterns, and it is easy found an outfit that is totally unique.

Another popular variety of Indian suit hire is the jodphuri suit. This outfit is also suited to many occasions and provides the perfect blend of eastern culture and western look. The jodphuri suit looks much more like what most people consider a suit and consists of a jacket and matching formal trousers. The jacket is designed to be fastened at the neck only allowing the front of the jacket to flow; the open front can be complemented with a traditional shirt. Both the sherwani and Jodphuri are available in bespoke and regal designs, which are ideally suited for royal occasions.

Hiring an Indian suit

Indian suit hire is very popular and finding the perfect suit should not prove too difficult. Many western suit hire shops now provide a range of Indian suits, although maybe not in the same variety of Asian suit specialists. Using the internet is a good place to start the hunt for a suit as offline companies now rely heavily on websites to promote their range of suits. This option offers the best of both worlds as it allows you to find and reserve a suit online and then visit the shop where you will be able to try it on before making a final decision.

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