Kids Suit Hire

Occasions that require a suit for your child are generally rare, maybe a wedding or family celebration, but when the time comes that they do need a formal outfit you want them to look at their best; kids suit hire will make sure that they do. Some people in need of a suit for a child will often rush out and buy one; this can cost a fair amount of cash, and that cost is not really value for money when you consider the amount of times the suit can be used and how fast kids grow. To counter the fact that children grow so quickly parents will then opt for a larger size in the hope of getting more use from the suit; this will mean them looking a bit silly at the event you are actually bought the outfit for in the first place.  

Even by buying a larger size you run the risk of that suit being ruined by the child. Kids are prone to spilling things, rolling around and playing in whatever they are wearing. This could mean that a suit is not fit for purpose after the first wear; kids’ suit hire will solve all of your problems. Hiring means you being able to find a suit that is of a perfect fit for every occasion, as your child grows you will be able to hire another suit. This will mean that kids can turn up looking pristine every time.

Types of kids’ suits

There are numerous suits available to hire for children, but they are not as widely stocked as adult outfits. This may mean a bit more searching in order to find something for your child. Kids suit hire is very similar to adults, in terms of the types of suits available and pretty much all styles, such as lounge, dinner, tailcoats, Edwardian and sherwani are available to fit children; some companies will even start sizes at 12-18 months.

One of the most styles for kids is wedding wear. A wedding suit is generally one that is worn by a page boy. The page boy plays a big role in the wedding day and is a very visible part of the ceremony. The page boy is often required to carry the train on the bride’s dress or in more traditional weddings, carry the rings down the aisle on a pillow, either way looking the part is essential. This role is generally reserved for children under ten after which they will take up the role of usher. This is also important and means greeting guests.

Kids’ suit hire for weddings will mean the child wearing the same outfit as the groom; this will mean finding a hire shop that can cater for children. As-well as the suit the child will need accessories such as shirt, cravat, waistcoat and handkerchief. It is wise to see if you can hire the suit as a package which will include these items; it is also likely to be cheaper than hiring each item separate.

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