Ladies Suit Hire

Suit hire is generally thought of as only required by men, and it is true that the industry is dominated by companies specialising in only men’s suit rental. However, there is often a need for ladies suit hire. Women in business are often required to wear a suit to impress. This could be at a corporate function, business meeting, or when making a pitch to prospective clients; having a luxury suit will not only mean looking the part it will also get a woman respected.

A luxury suit is not is one that is needed day-to-day in the office; it is one that is used for special occasions. Buying a high-class outfit can be expensive and does not really represent value when it is only being used sparingly. Today’s woman is also one that is very conscious of fashion and keeping up with trends is important. Ladies suit hire is the ideal way to do this, allowing you to show up in a new suit at all occasions without spending over the odds.

Types of lady's suits

The choice of ladies suit is not as varied as that of men’s that is not to say choice is limited. The most important part of a women’s suit is the jacket this will be combined with a shirt or blouse and trousers or skirt, which matches the fabric and colour of the jacket. Each coat is fitted and will come with a choice of one, two or three buttons. The range of fabrics on offer in lady's suit is excellent, including:
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Herringbone
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Velvet
The price of suit hire will often depend on which fabric is chosen. This is because some are regarded as being higher quality than others. Silk and velvet suits will be at the top end of a price list while cotton and linen will be the cheapest.
Colours and styles are also varied with ladies suit hire. The most commonly chosen colours are navy, grey. Black, charcoal and brown and patterns can include checks and pinstripes. There is also the option of a waistcoat which can be added to hire to create a different look. Waistcoats are generally of the same colour and fabric as the jacket.

Female wedding suit

Most people assume that the role of women in a wedding party will be bridesmaid. Modern weddings are moving away from this stereotype, and many females are now playing the role of usher of on some occasion’s best man (or the best woman!). Some hire shops are able to offer ladies suit hire to match the outfit worn by the groom, one popular choice is the tailcoat which can be matched with waistcoat and pin striped trousers. This kind of suit for a female will be tailored differently than a male version, and the coat and waistcoat will be more fitted. 

As the number of females in these in these roles is increasing, more companies are offering ladies wedding suits. However, it is likely that you will need to shop around.

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