Linen Suit Hire

Suit hire in the UK has a big market which continues to grow; hiring is both cost-effective and convenient and means you being able to attend events looking smart and on trend every time. Many people are beginning to see the benefits of suit rental over the alternative of buying. Going out and paying big money for a suit is something that many people cannot afford to do, especially when the majority of us rarely require the use of a suit. The choice of suits available with rental is excellent and there are colours and styles to match any occasion; a popular option with many people is linen suit hire. It is also one that is stocked by pretty much every supplier.

Types of linen suit

Linen suit hire is not the cut of and style of an outfit in the same way as lounge and morning suits; it is merely the fabric of the suit. Linen is a lightweight fabric that is easy to clean and perfect for warm weather. It is also a fabric that is used in almost every type of cut and style of suit meaning the available options are vast.

It is possible to choose a linen wedding suit, lounge suit, dinner suit and pretty much any other type of formal or casual suit you can think of. Linen is an excellent conductor of heat and remains cool in any climate; this makes it the fabric of choice for anyone attending a wedding, ball or banquet during a warmer climate.

Linen suit hire for weddings can be particular beneficial. Being nervous on your wedding day is to be expected, getting hot and sweaty is also common, and this is often not helped by wearing a wool or herringbone suit which is heavy and warm. A linen suit will allow you to remain cool at all times, which is perfect when all eyes are centred on you at the ceremony.

Another good benefit of linen suits is the fact that they are machine washable; this can help you to make a saving on dry-cleaning costs. Some hire companies may require you to clean the suit before returning. Others may offer to clean it but for a fee. A linen suit is easy to just throw in the washing machine and hang out to dry, although the saving may be minimal, any money saved is worth it, especially if you are planning a wedding.

Finding linen suit hire

Finding the perfect linen suit will not pose any problems, there are companies both on and offline that provide suit hire, and you can guarantee that all will stock this type of fabric. Linen suit hire is also one of the cheapest on offer, and you will be able to pick up a dinner or lounge suit for under £40 including all accessories, such as tie, shirt and handkerchief. 

Many offline hire shops now advertise their stock online, which is beneficial when shopping around and means all your options are in one place.

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