Lounge Suit Hire

When we think of a suit we think of an important occasion; this is because when we are required to wear one it is generally at a special event. Any time a suit is needed you are expected to look your best, especially so in today’s fashion conscious world. Buying a suit to impress is expensive and means being seen in the same outfit repeatedly, so what can you do? The answer is to hire. Suit hire has never been more popular and people are now favouring this option over buying. Not only is it more cost effective, it allows you to remain in keeping with the latest fashions, a must for most people. One of the most in-demand outfits is lounge suit hire; this is because of the benefits that this type of suit gives.

Benefits of a lounge suit

Lounge suit hire is one of the most varied kinds of suit and will not look out of place at any occasion. You can easily get married, attend a funeral, celebrate a christening or take part in a royal celebration in a lounge suit and the styles, colours and fabrics available mean you can remain in keeping with all etiquette.
The lounge suit is probably the most popular of all and thanks to the variety of fabrics on offer, can be used in both summer and winter. It is also the ideal outfit for anyone that wants to look smart while not coming across as too extravagant or at the other end of the scale, to casual.

Cost of lounge suit hire

The cost of a lounge suit will depend on a number of factors, the main ones being:
  • Hire shop
  • Fabric of suit
  • Type of suit
  • Size of suit
Where you choose to hire your suit from will have the most impact on the overall cost. Lounge suit hire is offered by all suppliers and price can differ significantly. Hiring online is increasing in popularity and allows people to find and hire a suit without leaving home; the suit will then be delivered to your chosen address and the collected when done with. You will also find that many online retailers offer lower prices than hire shops; this is usually because of being able to operate with lower overheads. Meaning savings are passed onto customers.

The fabric of the suit also plays a big part in how much the cost of hire will be. Some suits will cost more to make because of the higher-quality fabric used, this will lead to them costing more to hire. Fabrics such as cotton and linen will be cheaper than silk and velvet.

Choosing lounge suit hire for a wedding may cost more than a lounge suit for a funeral; this is usually because of the accessories needed. A wedding outfit will consist of the suit along with waistcoat, shirt, cravat and handkerchief. These will generally be offered as a package which will be priced higher than a basic suit.

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