Men Suit Hire

Suits are a dress wear requirement at a whole host of events and having the option to hire over buying is one that appeals to many men. Suit hire is very popular in the UK, which different formal wear outfits available to match any kind of occasion and the benefits of choosing rental over purchasing outright are vast.

First of all, the cost of buying and hiring are poles apart. A modern suit can easily cost hundreds of pounds, and if you prefer a designer label; expect to pay into the high hundreds, if not thousands. For the vast majority of people, a suit is an outfit that is worn on special occasions only, and these events tend to arise no more than two or three times a year, the cost of a suit that is to be used this infrequently cannot be justified. Another benefit of hiring is the fact that it allows a person to keep up with the latest trends, something that is very important to modern men. Suit hire gives access to hundreds of different styles, colours and fabrics of suit and with fashions changing with every season, looking current is essential.

Types of suit for hire

There are countless different options available when choosing a hire suit, when searching for the outfit that is perfect for you, you are likely to find suits banded into the following categories:
  • Wedding suits
  • Morning suits
  • Evening suits

Wedding suits

Wedding suits dominate the hire market, and they are the biggest seller for most companies. There is no one particular suit that is classified as a ‘wedding suit’ and the choice is vast. A wedding suit will be whatever type of outfit the groom has preference for; lounge, Edwardian, frock and morning suits are all equally as popular, the latter three being the more preferred options for more traditional ceremonies. Whatever type of suit is chosen, combining it with a shirt, neckwear, waistcoat and pocket square or handkerchief is a common practice for marrying men. Suit hire for weddings can generally be done as a package, inclusive of all required items, choosing this option can be very cost friendly.

Morning suits

Morning suits are generally reserved for very formal occasions, such as traditional weddings and royal events such as Royal Ascot. A classic morning suit will consist of tailcoats, formal trousers, white shirt, waistcoat, neckwear and often a top-hat. This type of outfit can be worn in both summer and winter, with fabrics being chosen to accommodate the climate.

Evening suits

Evening suits also commonly known as dinner suits and is the outfit of choice for black and white tie events, proms, banquets and balls. When attending these kinds of events, the lounge suit is the most popular for men, suit hire of this kind is suitable for both young and old and the formal single breasted jacket and matching trousers can be styled accordingly with the addition of standard or wing-collared shirt, tie or bow-tie, waistcoat or cummerbund.

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