Men's Dinner Suit Hire

There are many occasions that will welcome the use of men’s dinner suit hire; balls, banquets, dinner parties, proms and black-tie events are all gatherings where a dinner suit is the required etiquette. Of course, for the majority of men, these events are few and far between; this increases the popularity of hiring.  

Dinner suits can be very expensive to buy and doing so cannot be justified when the number of times the suit will be needed is taken into consideration. If you happen to be someone who does attend regular events, then investing in a dinner suit may prove a more viable option; however, this again provides the problem of being seen on numerous occasions wearing the same outfit. Hiring a suit allows a man to keep costs low, while appearing at an event in a suit that is new and modern every time.

Types of dinner suit

The biggest positive of men’s dinner hire is the amount of choice available. Although the dinner suit is black in colour, it is in no way restricted in terms of styles and fabrics. The suit will be labelled and chosen according to the style of jacket; this item is the most important part of any suit, and the trousers will almost always be matching of the jacket in colour and fabric. The four most common dinner suit jackets include:
  • Tailcoat
  • Tuxedo (dinner jacket)
  • Single breasted lounge jacket
  • Double breasted lounge jacket
Each jacket will also be available in different individual styles with a choice of lapels (peaked, notched and shawl) and buttons. There will also be a choice of fabrics; the time of year the event is held may influence your decision as to which fabric to opt for.

Choice of fabrics for dinner suits

Formal events are held throughout the year and when the occasion is held may help you in deciding on a suit. Events held in the summer and in a warmer climate will benefit from a lightweight suit; this will help you to remain cool. Fabrics such as cotton and linen will be the ideal choice as both in these circumstances. Men’s dinner suit hire for an event held in the autumn or winter may welcome a wool or tweed suit, both of which have excellent insulating properties.

Hiring your dinner suit

Hiring a dinner suit has never been easier, men now have the option to choose and hire an outfit online as-well as the more traditional method of hiring from a shop. Men’s dinner suit hire online, is the perfect option for anyone that cannot find the time to visit a shop. There are hundreds of online hire shops, many of which can provide delivery UK wide, the choice is also equal to that of the high street shops. If you require a suit tailored to fit, then opting for a hire shop will be the best option. Hiring from a shop also gives men the chance to try-on suits and feel the fabrics first hand.

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