Men's Formal Suit Hire

Men’s formal suit hire dominates the market in terms of the number of hires; suits are generally grouped into formal and casual with the former far more popular than the latter. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity is the numerous different types of formal suits available. A suit which is classed as formal can be worn at events from weddings to black-tie banquets, there is no one type of suit that can define formal, giving men a wealth of choice.  

Formal wedding suits

The most popular occasions for men’s formal suit hire are weddings and evening events and outfits suited to these situations are the biggest sellers for suppliers both on and offline.

The choice of formal wedding suit is one that is massively important, arguably the most important suit selection that a man will ever make. The suit will need to be one that complements both the bride and the theme of the day, opting for something that is classic and traditional is generally the best and safest option. A lounge suit consisting of a single-breasted jacket and matching formal trousers is popular with many grooms; the suit can be chosen in many different colours and fabrics and added to with accessories such as neckwear and waistcoat. Summer's weddings will benefit more from a lighter coloured suit such as grey or cream and a lightweight fabric such as linen. Darker colours such as black and navy blue are more favourable for winter weddings, and a fabric such as wool will provide warmth. More and more modern grooms are opting for a formal outfit that provides a contemporary look with longer length Prince Edward, Frock and tailcoats proving popular. Much like the lounge suit, these contemporary suits will be combined with matching trousers and accessories to complete the look.

Formal evening suits

Evening wear is the choice of any man attending a formal event such as a ball, banquet, black or white-tie dinner. Similar to weddings, the lounge suit is the most popular of all men’s formal suit hire when it comes to evening occasions. Etiquette for formal evening wear is generally required to consist of a black suit; the lounge suit is available in both single and double breasted jackets and can be paired with a white shirt and black tie or bow-tie to look good on gentlemen of all ages. 

The tuxedo or dinner jacket is also a very popular choice of formal wear; this outfit can consist of both a tailcoat and standard dinner jacket for the perfect formal look. The trousers to the suit will always be matching of the jacket in both colour and fabric. The addition of accessories is an essential part of the tuxedo, a white shirt (standard or wing collar shirt) will be paired with a tie or bow tie and cummerbund. When opting for a tuxedo it can be helpful to look for men’s formal suit hire that offers the outfit as a complete package, inclusive of accessories, this will ensure that you remain in keeping with traditional etiquette.

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