Men's Morning Suit Hire

Suits are a requirement at all kinds of occasions, with formal outfits proving popular at events from weddings to funerals. There are numerous different kinds of suit available to hire, none can be regarded as more formal than the morning suit hire. Men’s morning suit hire is generally reserved for the most luxurious events in a person’s calendar, as such the suit is required on only the rarest of occasions; this makes buying unnecessary option. Unlike a lounge or casual suit, a morning suit will not be suitable wear for some events but will be part of the etiquette at others. Common gatherings when a morning suit is seen include:
  • Weddings
  • Memorial and funeral services
  • Royal events

The most popular time of the year for a men’s morning suit hire is in June and the Royal Ascot horse-racing festival. Looking the part at the world’s best racing event is essential and men often plan suit hire well in advance of attendance. Attending Royal Ascot will not only mean wearing a morning suit, it will also mean choosing a suit that adheres to a specific etiquette.

Morning suit etiquette

Morning suit etiquette is not solely limited to Royal Ascot and will be a requirement at many other royal events and at some weddings. The traditional morning suit will consist of a tailcoat jacket; this will come in either black or grey. The choice of trousers will be limited to the chosen jacket. A grey tailcoat will be paired with matching formal grey trousers, and a black jacket will be combined with striped formal trousers. A white shirt will be worn with any type of suit, and the choice of standard or wing collar shirt will determine the neck wear of choice (bow-tie or cravat with wing collar, tie with standard collar). A waistcoat will be added to complete the look of the suit, this item is not as restricted in choice as the suit itself and will allow a man to be more expressive in terms of colour, having said this many people opt for a plain formal colour. Shoes that are worn with a morning suit will be required to be black and laced. A handkerchief or pocket square is placed into the breast pocket of the coat; this will generally match the colour of the tie, to finish off an outfit. Many gentlemen will opt for a grey or black (depending on the coat) top hat and possibly grey, lightweight cotton gloves.

Hiring a morning suit

Men’s morning suit hire is a very popular option for many people; because of this, the majority of hire shops will stock a varied choice of suits all year round. In the months surrounding events such as Royal Ascot, demand is likely to be high; this will mean booking early to avoid disappointment.  

Men’s morning suit hire is available from both high street shops and online suppliers, and it can be wise to use both options when searching and draw up a shortlist to find suits and prices that match your requirements.

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