Men's Suit Hire Wedding

Any man who has been or is due to marry will tell you just how much planning is needed to make sure the big day lives up to expectations. An important part of the planning process is choosing a suit; making this decision can also prove to be one of the toughest. With so many different variations available, it is easy to see why many men struggle with picking the perfect outfit. The first factor to contend with will be the choice between buying a suit or men’s suit hire. Wedding suits are arguably the most important outfit that a man will ever wear, and some people will like to keep a suit as memorabilia from the big day; in these instances buying may prove to be the best option. However, when all the benefits are weighed up, one can see why hiring is the more popular choice.

Benefits of hiring a wedding suit

For men’s suit hire, wedding shops are aplenty. There are hire shops both on the high street and online, far out-numbering shops that specialise in the sale of suits. Although a wedding day is the biggest event in the lives of many couples, it is still only one day and because of the style, a wedding suit can only be worn once. Buying a suit that is only to be worn as a one-off is not a particularly cost-friendly option, especially when the expenses of other areas of planning are factored in; hiring allows a groom to find the perfect suit at a low cost.

Another benefit of hiring over buying is the amount of suits needed. Most traditional weddings see the male members of the wedding party wearing matching suits, opting to buy a wedding suit will mean the best man, ushers, pageboys and fathers of the bride and groom buying their suits also, something that many people cannot afford.

Types of wedding suit

In terms of men’s suit hire, wedding outfits offer some of the best choice in terms of different styles, colours and fabrics. There is no rule that says what type of suit must be worn on a wedding day, and the groom is free to choose any kind of suit. The best and most popular choice is to opt for a suit which is of a traditional style; the best options in this category include:
  • Morning suit
  • Lounge suit
  • Edwardian suit
  • Frock coat
The majority of suits will come with both coat and trousers in matching colour and fabric, different colours can be added to the suit in the choice of waistcoat, neckwear and handkerchief/pocket square. The colour choice of the cravat or tie will generally be made to complement the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. Some companies offer to make these items from material provided by the groom which can be beneficial.

Having a suit made-to-measure is something that many grooms look for in men’s suit hire, wedding shops online are unable to offer such a service, although all high street wedding shops do.

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