Men's Suit Hire

A suit is generally reserved for important occasions; when such an occasion comes around men’s suit hire provides the perfect solution. As a man who needs a suit for a particular event, there are two options at your disposal: buy or hire. Hiring is by far the most beneficial and popular of the two, and it is easy to see why.

If you were to buy a suit, not only will it cost you hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds, it will spend more time stuck in the wardrobe rather than worn. The majority of men do not have the need to wear a formal suit on a daily basis, and the cost of buying does not seem appropriate in relation to the amount of times the outfit will actually be used. In addition to this, for the modern, fashion conscious man to be seen in the same suit time and again is not acceptable and with styles changing by the season, it can cost a lot of money to keep up. Hiring allows you to do this on a budget.

What types of suit can be hired?

Men’s suit hire is not limited to one type of suit; in fact, any suit that can be bought in stores can also be hired. There are numerous suits in all manners of colours, fabrics and styles to match the fashion tastes of any individual attending any event. The type of event that you are attending may determine the type of suit you look to hire.

Wedding suits for hire

Wedding suits are the most in demand of all outfits for hire suppliers, and the fact that people get married all year round means that companies are kept as busy in summer as they are winter. There are numerous types of suits that can be used for weddings, the most common of these are:
  • Lounge suits
  • Morning suits
  • Prince Edward suits
  • Frock coats
There is no limitation on what kind of suit can be worn on a wedding day and the choice will depend on the personal preference of the groom. Wedding suit hire is often determined by the season of the wedding. Summer weddings are more suited to brighter colours and lighter-weight fabrics whereas winter ceremonies will be better served with dark colours and heavier fabrics.

Lounge and morning suits for hire

The lounge suit is the ideal suit for any occasion and does not look out of place at any event, the choice of single or double-breasted jacket along with different lapel and button options and matching formal trousers will go down as-well at school proms as it would cruise ship balls.  

Morning suits are also popular men’s suit hire outfits at occasions other than weddings. Morning wear consists of a tailcoat and formal trousers and is the outfit of choice at various royal events, memorial and funeral services. Unlike the lounge suit, morning suits are reserved for ultra- formal events only.

Whatever kind of suit you are hiring, it is important to include accessories to complete a look. Most companies offer men’s suit hire as a package deal for a little extra on top of original price, this can be beneficial to any kind of suit hire.

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