Men's Wedding Suit Hire

Getting married is a monumental occasion in the lives of a couple and their close family and friends; the importance of the suit worn by the groom is also huge and the decision on which outfit to wear must be made with much consideration. Men’s wedding suit hire is the most popular of all the different variations of suit and the majority of companies offering rentals will cite wedding outfits as the biggest seller.  

There are numerous types of wedding suit and the colours, styles and fabrics available will provide an option for any man, regardless of personal taste.

Lounge suits for weddings

The lounge suit is the most popular outfit not only in men’s wedding suit hire but suit rental as a whole. It is a suit that does not look out of place at any event or occasion and suits men both young and old. There are two variations of the lounge suit, the first and most popular is the single-breasted jacket, this is the perfect outfit for a formal but relaxed look and comes with different choices in lapels (peaked, shawl, notched)  and buttons (one, two, three or four). The trousers of a lounge suit are straight, formal and match the jacket in both colour and fabric. There are a range of different cuts available with slim and regular fit suits popular; however, choosing this type suit for a wedding may be better served by a made-to-measure service so that a suit is of the perfect size. The second variation of the lounge suit is a double-breasted jacket; this style will come with two sets of buttons (although only one are used) and is also available with different lapel options. The double-breasted jacket is much less popular, especially for weddings.

Morning suits for weddings

For a very traditional formal ceremony, men’s wedding suit hire may be well served by a morning suit. This type of suit is widely regarded as top of the range formal wear and consists of a tailcoat and matching trousers. The common choice of tailcoat for this kind of suit is grey or black although some grooms may opt for a brighter option. The suit is worn with a white shirt, either standard or wing collared, and a choice of tie, bow-tie or cravat is added along with a matching handkerchief. A waistcoat is also an essential part of the morning suit and men are often more expressive in the colour choice for this item. A top-hat can be worn to complete an ultra-formal look.

Edwardian and frock suits for weddings

Like the lounge suit, both the Edwardian and frock suit consist of matching coat and trousers; the difference lies in the style of the coat. Grooms looking for men’s wedding suit hire in a contemporary style will be well served by the fitted three-quarter length Edwardian jacket or frock coat. Choosing the former will provide you with a coat much like a lounge coat in terms of button and lapel choice whereas the frock coat provides slightly more length and a button-less open front. 

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