Mobile Suit Hire

Wearing a suit can make a person look and feel good; the elegance and sophistication that a suit provides make it better to wear than any other kind of outfit. Looking smart and making a good impression is important when finding a perfect suit to wear to a special occasion and with so much choice available the decision is often a tough one to make. Suit hire is an excellent solution and will provide you with a suit that is ideal for the event you are attending; there is also the benefit of not having to pay out hundreds of pounds on an outfit that you may not like in a few months’ time. The downside to suit hire is the finding the time to go to the hire shops and pick out a suit. Shopping online has made it easier to find what you are looking for but does not allow you to try on suits before you order. For the best of both worlds, mobile suit hire is the solution.

What is mobile suit hire?

This service might just be the future of suit hire, although not all companies offer this service, those that do find themselves in great demand. Mobile suit hire involves a hire company coming to your home to provide with suit hire. The company representative can be booked to attend your home and provide you with a brochure of suits for all occasions; in many circumstances, they will also provide sample fabrics for you to look and feel. If you find a suit that matches your tastes, the assistant will then take measurements of your neck, chest, sleeves, waist and inseam and provide you with the perfect suit within days. The suit is then delivered to your home (or wherever is suitable) and collected after it has been worn.  

When is this service beneficial?

Mobile suit hire is beneficial pretty much anytime you need a suit; appointments can often be made out-of-hours, which is perfect for anyone who is unable to get to a hire shop. The service is extremely popular with wedding suit hire. Planning a wedding can be a very busy and stressful time, finding space in your schedule to shop around for suit hire just cannot be afforded. As the groom, there is more than purely your own suit to think about, you will also need to consider suits for the best man, fathers of the bride and groom, ushers and page boys. Finding time for you all to visit a hire shop for measurements often proves very difficult, each person gathering at your home will be a lot easier and will mean everyone can be fitted for suits at the same time. All accessories needed for a particular event can also be provided with a mobile service.

Most companies that offer a mobile suit hire service do so, on a no-obligation basis. This will allow you to be measured and look at the suits on offer without feeling pressured in to ordering. 

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