Morning Suit Hire

The morning suit is one of the most luxury types of formal wear available. This outfit is also known as top hat and tails and is common dress at weddings and other formal occasions such as:
  • Royal Ascot
  • Trooping the Colour
  • Funeral and memorial services
  • Royal and court events
  • Royal garden parties

For most of us the chance to wear top hat and tails is rare, for this reason the majority of people opt for morning suit hire as the alternative to buying. Another negative against buying is the cost of the suit. Morning suits are among the most expensive of all varieties of suit. The price you will be required to pay cannot not be justified by the amount of use you can get from the outfit.

Morning suit etiquette

Morning suit hire is generally required at events where etiquette is important and Royal occasions, in particular, will have a strict dress code. The traditional morning suit will consist of a grey or black tailcoat which is combined with striped or plain trousers. The type of coat chosen will decide the trousers that should be picked, striped trousers will match a black jacket and grey coat is paired with matching trousers. A plain white shirt is used, which will have a wing collar if worn with a cravat and a regular collar if a tie is chosen; either of these options is usually acceptable. A waistcoat or vest will be worn over the shirt; a morning dress vest is not what we would normally associate as a vest but merely a back-less waistcoat. The outfit is then finished off with a top hat matching the colour of the jacket and a handkerchief for the breast pocket. Some people may also opt for lightweight grey gloves as an extra, but these are generally not a requirement.

The etiquette morning suit hire at weddings is a lot more relaxed and is generally more expressive, this is because the overall choice of what is worn is down to the bride and groom. Morning wedding suits will give more choice in the colours of the tailcoat, although black and grey are still the most popular. A good way to inject more colours into the outfit is by adding a brighter coloured waistcoat, cravat and handkerchief. The colour of the accessories will usually be chosen to complement the dresses of the bride and bridesmaids.

Hiring a morning suit

Morning suit hire is popular with all hire shops, particularly those specialising in weddings, finding the perfect outfit should not prove too difficult. There are hire suit providers on high streets up and down the UK and many more online. Getting properly measured is important for a morning suit and if the outfit is needed for a wedding, measurements will be needed for other members of the male party (best man, fathers of bride and groom, page boys and ushers). This may limit your choice to hire shops only, although there may be some online retailers who can offer a mobile service.

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