Nehru Suit Hire

Suits are important for all occasions, but not every occasion is suitable for every suit; one exception to that rule is the Nehru suit. Whether you are attending a wedding or formal event the Nehru will not look out of place. Choosing Nehru suit hire over the option of buying is also beneficial, not only does it allow you to save money on a suit that is only needed for a one off; it will allow you to attend events in something new and different every time.

What is a Nehru Suit?

Nehru suit hire is perfect for the modern British Asian man and is being favoured as more people opt for traditional Indian wear. The Nehru suit is centred on the jacket which the central part of the outfit. The coat is tailored in design with and is different to the common western suit coats in that it has no collar or lapels. It is the fact that the jacket has no lapels which makes it so distinguishable. It is modelled on the sherwani which is a traditional Indian dress that is also a popular suit and also used by many people at formal events. The name of the Nehru comes from the former Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, who wore such a suit from the 1940’s onwards.

The Nehru does differ from other traditional eastern coats in that it is shorter in length and sits at the hip rather than to the knee.

Types of Nehru Suit

Nehru suit hire gives many options in terms of choice, once again the options of fabrics, colours and designs are centred on the jacket. Many different textiles are used to make Nehru coats; many people will base their choice on the climate. For summer events, a lightweight material such as linen will be a good choice and the colour of the jacket will be a bright one, autumn and winter occasions may find a heavier material such as brocade a better option and a darker colour such as brown or black.  

The more tailored look the better with the Nehru for men and the slim fit will complement the trousers. Trousers will generally match the colour of the jacket but will always be made from lightweight material such as linen or cotton. Women will benefit from a slightly different kind of tailoring in that the jacket will be more tapered at the waist allowing room for the chest.  

Combining the jacket with a formal shirt will be ideally suited to weddings and black-tie events, and a casual shirt can be used for less formal affairs.

Hiring a Nehru suit

The popularity of Nehru suit hire continues to grow in the UK and many hire shops offer different forms of the classic suit. As the look is a tailored one, it may be beneficial to have a suit properly tailored, especially for weddings. This will require finding an offline hire shop so that measurements can be taken and a coat altered to fit.

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