Penguin Suit Hire

If you are in need of a suit to hire for a special occasion you should look no further than penguin suit hire. A penguin suit is basically the combination of black dinner jacket and white shirt, which resembles to look of a penguin. It is a classic style and one that never becomes dated. The suits are only worn when the occasion demands it and are not ideal outfits for a night out at the local pub or daily office wear, this is why many people choose to hire instead of buying. The modern penguin suit is open to expression and there are many different variations to choose from when hiring.

Types of penguin suit

Penguin suit hire is more than just choosing a black coat and white shirt; there are different variations of both to choose from along with numerous accessories that can be used to complete a look in accordance with the event you are attending. The penguin suit is mainly associated with formal events such as black and white-tie dinners, banquets, balls and proms. These kinds of events remain the most popular for this kind of suit, although weddings are now also being favoured.  

The most common part of any suit is the coat, in the case of the penguin suit this is usually a tailcoat, although dinner jackets are also common. In keeping with the penguin theme, the coat will be black but just because the colour is not open to choice, which is not to say there is not a wide range of jackets available. There are numerous options in terms of the style and the fabric of the jacket. The time of you’re the event is held will often be a factor in which fabric is chosen. Summer occasions will be better suited to linen and cotton materials. These are lightweight and will keep you cool in the warmer weather, those attending an event in the autumn or winter may opt for a rather heavier textile such as fine wool.  

The trouser side of penguin suit hire will be decided by the jacket you pick. Trousers will be formal and matching of the colour and fabric of the coat. Choosing which accessories to wear is open to more expression.

Penguin suit accessories

Penguin suit hire can be done as a package; this will include everything needed for the event you are attending. A black-tie event will generally consist of a white shirt, black tie or bow tie, handkerchief and waistcoat or cummerbund. In keeping with the suit, the shirt and waistcoat will be white while the neck wear will be black. A white-tie event will see all the accessories white while a wedding may combine the two.

Hiring a penguin suit

A penguin suit is designed to be tailored in fit and will is best measured to achieve the perfect size. Having a suited measured is not possible online, and you will need to visit a shop or look for a mobile suit hire company to receive this service.

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