Pimp Suit Hire

Fancy dress hire is very popular in the UK and there are hundreds of different costumes that can be worn to parties, at birthdays and on stag do’s. One popular choice is the pimp suit, and it is always guaranteed to impress. Pimp suit is generally favoured over buying. This is because of two things, the first being cost and the second being the amount of times the suit can be worn other than the intended occasion. Pimp suits are definitely unsuitable for anything other than fancy dress, and it is not very often the chance to wear fancy dress comes around.  

Types of pimp suit

Pimp suit hire offers many different options and the choice you make with colours, styles and sizes aplenty. You can choose the option of a matching single breasted jacket and flared trousers with a ruffled shirt, bow-tie and cummerbund. This look is popular with many people and choosing a sophisticated colour is not an option, luminous greens, blues, oranges and purples are more in keeping with the pimp look. Another popular choice is to opt for flared trousers with a different coloured ( as hideous as possible) ruffled, open neck shirt to show off some chest hair, the suit can then be completed with an over-the-top knee length fake fur coat with psychedelic lining. Coats come in many colours and patterns and animal designs such as zebra, tiger and leopard patterns are particularly popular. The choice of suit is vast and you are sure to find a look to match (or not match!) your style, however, the outfit would not be complete without the added extra accessories.

Pimp suit accessories

Pimp suit hire is generally done is often done as a package, which means your outfit will include everything needed for the complete 1970’s pimp look. The suit would not be the same without some classic accessories, the main one being the cane. The cane is similar to a walking stick and is something that no self-respecting pimp should be without. In the case of the fancy dress outfits, the cane will be plastic and can be hired in a colour matching the suit. Another good extra is the cape, although this will not be provided and suits with a coat or jacket. The cape is perfect for the jump suit style velour costumes and is also available to match the suit. A hat can be worn to add to the look of a tuxedo style pimp suit and gold medallions and rings are also a must.  

Hiring a pimp suit

The popularity of pimp suit hire means that you should have no trouble finding an outfit. There are many fancy dress shops both online and offline that can provide a costume. Unlike regular suits having a tailored look is not important and generic sizes are good for all.  Hiring online may be the best option for finding discount hire as rates are often lower, however if you want to see how a suit looks first hand, hiring from a shop will be the best choice.

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