Pinstripe Suit Hire

Suits are available in all kinds of styles, colours and sizes and there is no other type of outfit that can make you look and feel as smart and important. Choosing a suit a tough choice, not all suits are appropriate for situations, and your will depend a lot on the type of event you are attending. One pattern that is suitable for all occasions however is the pinstripe and because of this pinstripe suit hire is one of the most popular of all formal wear.

Types of pinstripe suit

The term pinstripe suit hire refers to the pattern of a suit as opposed to the style or colour; this means that there are countless options available to you when choosing a suit. The pinstripe pattern can be faint or bold and is designed as thin stripes in one colour set against another, for example grey stripes on a black suit.

Pinstripe suits are equally popular at dinner and evening events as they are at weddings and royal occasions. For formal evening events a person may choose to hire a pinstripe lounge suit; this will consist of a single or double breasted jacket with matching formal trousers. The jacket will come with a choice of lapels (shawl, peaked or notched) and the option of one, two, three or four buttons. You may like to add a waistcoat or vest (backless waistcoat) to the suit which can also be matched to the pinstriped pattern. A thin and faint pinstripe is often the best option for this kind of formal dress as bold may seem too extravagant.

Pinstripe suit hire is also very prominent at weddings and grooms are able to choose from any kind of pinstripe design the wish. Modern weddings may favour a tailcoat or Edwardian suit, both of which will look excellent in pinstripe. A charcoal suit with close pinstripes is a good look for weddings and can be completed with some bright accessories.

A place where pinstripes are a common sight is Royal Ascot which is an event that requires a morning suit to be worn as part of the etiquette. A classic and traditional morning suit will feature a plain black tailcoat combined with pinstriped trousers, with a waistcoat, bow-tie and wing collar shirt. The pinstriped trousers are an important part of the outfit and give the suit that traditional look.

Hiring a pinstriped suit

Pinstripe suit hire is one of the most popular of all suit patterns and as such most hire shops and online suit hire suppliers will stock a range of suits like this. Hiring from a shop will give you the benefit of being able to see suits first hand and also try on any that take your fancy. On some occasions (particularly weddings) a suit may need to be tailored to fit the costumer, this is also something that is available at a hire shop. Online suit hire will give you the benefit of convenience and many more discounts are available when shopping this way.

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