Prince Edward Suit Hire

Anyone who is getting, or has been married will understand the importance of wedding outfits. Many people assume that finding the perfect thing to wear is something only the bride has to worry about, this is not so, and the groom is not allowed to get off that easily. As the groom, the suit you choose for your wedding day is massively important; it will be intently scrutinised by all wedding guests and remain a part of your life for ever in the form of photographs. Making the correct decision can be a tough; a suit will need to look modern and relevant whilst not being something that is going to look hideous when looking back in years to come. Prince Edward suit hire could be the outfit that solves the problem.

What is a Prince Edward suit?

Prince Edward suit hire is becoming a popular choice at many modern weddings and offers contemporary style that is timeless. The suit is also known as an Edwardian suit and the frock suit and comes from the Edwardian period. It takes its name from Edward VII who gave his name to the suit during his reign as King of England.

The suit is centred on the look and style of the coat and it is the jacket that carries the name with the trousers merely accompanying. The jacket is tailored and at three-quarter length is longer than the lounge or dinner jacket. The Prince Edward falls under the category of morning suit and can be worn as a brighter colour jacket with matching formal trousers or as a black jacket with grey striped trousers for the traditional morning dress look.

Types of Prince Edward Suit

Prince Edward Suit hire is all about the shape and length of the jacket. This does not limit the choice in terms of colour and fabric. The most popular fabric is herringbone. This comes with a zigzag pattern and is ideal suited to dark colours. Herringbone is a heavyweight and durable material that provides good insulation, for this reason it is more suited to winter weddings and in a dark colour such as black, navy blue or brown. Weddings that are taking place in the summer will be more suited to a linen material Prince Edward suit. Linen is lightweight and will allow you to remain cool in warmer conditions. A summer event may justify a brighter colour such as cream, silver grey and beige. For those looking for luxury and a touch of decadence, velvet jacket in blue may be a good option although you should expect to pay more to hire this kind of outfit.

Hiring a Prince Edward Suit

Because of the look and style of the coat, Prince Edward suit hire is becoming one of the most in-demand wedding outfits available. This is a good thing for the customer as every suit hire company will stock this type of suit and in a wide range of colours to boot. Because of the increasing popularity, you should be to shop around and book early to avoid disappointment.  

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