Prom Suit Hire

A prom is an important occasion in the life of a teenager and dressing to impress is important. The event is a celebration of ending high school and moving on to bigger and brighter things; as it is a one-off event, choosing the right suit is a big decision. It is also because the occasion is a one-time only occurrence that many people choose to hire a suit instead of buying. Buying can be expensive and as the suit will only be worn once, prom suit hire is seen as a better alternative.  

Types of prom suit

Prom suit hire is not confined to one particular type of suit which is good as it gives a teenager plenty of options in terms of style, colour and accessories. A prom being a formal event will favour evening wear. The most popular outfits in this range are lounge and dinner suits. Most people will opt for a black, grey or navy suit, although white suit jackets are also popular.    

The tuxedo is an excellent choice of outfit for these occasions and blends traditional and contemporary style brilliantly. The tuxedo consists of a black lounge jacket or tailcoat with matching formal trousers. The shirt will be a white one worn with a black tie or bow-tie. The bow-tie is a good option if you want to remain in keeping with the classic style, you should opt for a pre-tied bow-tie in these occasions as tying one takes a lot of practice to get right and is not worth risking at a prom. Choosing the option of a tie will add a more modern and youthful look to the outfit, with a skinny tie proving very popular.

A lounge suit is probably the most common choice for prom suit hire. This suit is perfect for any occasion and will never look out of place or out of style. There are two cuts of jacket with the lounge suit: single breasted and double breasted. The former is by far the most popular and is definitely better suited to younger people. The jacket will come in a range of choices, including the amount of buttons (one, two, three or four) and style of lapel (peaked, shawl, notched). There will also be a wide variety of fabrics to choose from, as most proms are help in late spring/summer the best choice of fabric will be a lightweight material such as cotton or linen.

Prom suit accessories

Aside from the neck wear on offer, you will also need to decide whether or not your suit will benefit from cufflinks. Another must have accessory is the handkerchief/pocket square which is used for the breast pocket and can complete the look of a suit.

Prom suit hire can be done as a package will come complete will all accessories, this can be beneficial in providing a ready-made look. Most school proms are held at the same time of year and you will need to book early to make sure you get the outfit you require.

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