Pronuptia Suit Hire

Suits are required for many occasions, and each one does require this item of clothing is generally an important one. There are countless different kinds of suits available in all types of styles, colours and sizes. When the time comes for you to acquire a suit for a specific occasion, you will be met with two options: hire or buy. The former is definitely the option that comes with the most benefits. Formal suits are only used on rare occasions, buying one will mean paying a great deal of money for something that is likely to be stuck in the wardrobe for the vast majority of its life. Hiring solves this problem and also allows you to keep up with the latest fashions by choosing from the latest suits every time. When you have realised the benefits of hiring, the question is where do you hire from? The answer to this is Pronuptia suit hire.

Who is Pronuptia?

Pronuptia suit hire is one of the most popular in the UK, and they are a company that has some of the finest formal hire collections to be found anywhere. The company has hire stores in locations across the north of England, and they have built up a reputation as one of the most trusted names in suit hire. Being in business for over 50 years has allowed Pronuptia to gain a perfect understanding into what is required for suit hire and as such have become the market leader in terms of choice for wedding and formal occasions.

What does Pronuptia offer?

Whatever event it is that you are attending, you can be assured that Pronuptia suit hire can provide the perfect outfit. They have suits ideally suited for formal events such as black and white-tie dinners and Royal Ascot and outfits perfect for anyone going to a school prom. The company’s main speciality, however, is weddings. Your wedding suit is quite possibly the most important outfit you will ever wear and making the correct decision is essential, Pronuptia understands this and can offer wedding suits in all kinds out styles and fabrics. A customer can choose from:
  • Edwardian suits
  • Morning suits
  • Highland suits
Each style of a suit is available in fabrics suited for all seasons from linen and cotton to herringbone and fine wool. Traditional weddings will require matching suits to be worn by each of the men in the wedding party. This will include groom, best man, fathers of the bride and groom, page boy and ushers. Pronuptia offer suits in all sizes from child to adult and provide a full measuring and tailoring service so that both kids and adults will have a perfectly fitted outfit.

Accessories are a big part of any formal event, and they are also central in the Pronuptia suit hire service. The company can provide all waistcoats, cravats, bow-ties, ties and handkerchiefs needed for an event. Knowledgeable staffs are also able to offer advice and recommendations as to what colour look best and what suit best matches a person’s style.

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