Retro Suit Hire

Everybody loves to enjoy a fancy dress party; whether it is a birthday celebration, stag or hen do or themed disco night, dressing up in an outrageous costume is always fun. Choosing an outfit to wear is not quite as fun, mostly because of the amount of choice available, one outfit that is guaranteed to impress is the retro suit. A retro suit will not look at of place at any fancy dress occasion, but should you buy or hire one of these outfits? The simple answer is hire. Buying can be expensive and this kind of outfit is definitely something that cannot be worn for daily leisure or to the office for work. As a fancy dress outfit you would not want to use the same suit time and again for different parties meaning your suit will more than likely be used only once. Retro suit hire, on the other hand, is cost friendly and means you can choose a different style of suit every time.

What types of retro suit are there?

The biggest benefit of retro suit hire is the choice available. The retro suit is not one particular style of outfit or colour, suits from the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s can all be classed as retro giving you four decades of choice.

The suit that you choose may depend on the theme of the event that you are attending, for instance, you may be going to a 70’s disco night or an 80’s theme evening; if this is the case you will need to choose a suit to match. When deciding on a suit, a good piece of advice is to be outrageous, the more hideous an outfit is the better. Bright and bold colours are a good option and teaming the suit with an unsavoury shirt is always good.

A 70’s suit should include flair trousers; a common choice of outfit from this era is the pimp suit which is available in bright colours and velour fabrics. Retro suit hire from the 80’s maybe a fitted two-tone ska suit with skinny tie or an outfit in the mould of a Wall Street business man with big shoulders and braces, a retro mobile phone and brief case can add to the look.

There is also the option to opt for a suit modelled after a star from the selected era. A retro Elton John suit is always good, which can include a jacket with large checks and flair trousers. Some platform shoes can complete the look. Elvis suits are also a popular retro suit hire choice, the all-in-one white jumpsuit, in particular, is a much sought-after outfit.

Hiring a retro suit hire

Retro suit hire is a niche market and none of the mainstream formal suit suppliers will stock any of this type of dress, fancy dress shops, however, will be able to cater to your needs. There are numerous fancy dress shops in the UK both online and offline and most if not all will stock a selection of retro suits.

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