School Prom Suit Hire

The school prom is a big event in a teenager’s life; it is the celebration of the end of school life and moving on to bigger and better things. Teenagers are very fashion conscious and looking the part at such an occasion is essential, school prom suit hire will allow them to do this. Hiring gives a person plenty of choice of outfits perfect for the prom, because of the increasing popularity of these events. Many hire companies now specialise in providing suits fit for this specific purpose. The option of hiring is also beneficial to parents, buying a prom suit can be extremely expensive and with the outfit only being worn on this one-off occasion, paying in the hundreds for a suit is not a viable option.

Types of prom suit

There are no specific rule books or guidelines to say what must be worn to the prom and the outfit is open to expression. Most school prom suit hire however, is centred on dinner and evening wear. Formal evening wear is a safe option; not only is traditional it is stylish and timeless, evening wear never goes out of fashion, which is also good for looking back at prom photos in years to come.

There are different choices available to you with evening wear; the most common of these is the lounge suit. This kind of outfit is the most popular of all western suits and can be worn to just about any occasion; the suit consists of a single-breasted jacket and matching formal trousers. There are many different colours, fabrics and patterns available with the lounge suit; however, a grey, navy or black suit will be the best choice for the school prom. A more daring person may opt for a white suit jacket paired with some black trousers, although you will run the risk of spilling food or drink and ruining the outfit.

In terms of pattern, pinstripes are a good option for the lounge suit and will look modern and stylish; you may also choose to add a waistcoat to a suit for a sophisticated look.

Another popular choice of outfit for school prom suit hire is the dinner jacket, or tuxedo. This will consist of a black suit with a white shirt and cummerbund. The tuxedo is commonly worn with a bow-tie which will mean opting for a wing collar shirt; a tie will look more modern and youthful and is worn with a regular collar shirt. The cummerbund is an accessory that is worn around the waist and is an essential part of the tuxedo; you can choose to match the neck wear and cummerbund in a brighter colour for added extra style. A handkerchief in the breast pocket of a jacket is another option and can also be matched to the colour of the tie.

Having a suit tailored

Many hire shops offering school prom suit hire will also provide tailoring whereby a suit is altered for the perfect fit. If this is something you require then visiting a shop will be the only option as this service is unavailable with online retailers.

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