Dickies Suit Hire

The first thing that strikes anyone that visits Dickies Suit Hire is that this is the largest independently run men’s wear hire company in the UK. The company has been in the business of hiring out suits for over a decade and is proud that it can offer the best suits for hire. In addition, it is also the most professional yet friendly customer service.

Massive Range of Suits for hire

Dickies Suit Hire has a massive range of suits that are available for hire. This is a leading men’s wear hire company that has always strived to offer the best quality suits for hire at the most affordable prices ever. During the past fourteen years of its existence, Dickies Suit Hire has developed a formidable and unbeatable range of suits that you can rent in the most convenient manner. The company draws customers from all parts of the UK and offers suits for:
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • School proms
  • Race days
  • Formal events and more

Committed customer service

Dickies Suit Hire also promises to offer each customer the very best service and is also justifiably proud of offering total commitment to serving each customer in the very best manner possible. The company has succeeded mainly because it has adhered to the very highest standards in terms of clothes offered for rent, and also because of its excellent customer service. Each customer is treated with professionalism and in a very friendly manner as well. The pricing is independent and very affordable and when you hire a suit from Dickies Suit Hire, you can rest assured that you will get complete value for your money.

Perfect fit

Dickies Suit Hire also wants to ensure that each customer is given a suit for hire that looks like it was especially made for them. The company does its utmost to ensure that each rented suit fits you perfectly.  This company also offers a range of high quality waistcoats as well as matching accessories that are available for hire to complement your suit. These waistcoats and accessories are available in every possible colour combination and will match your suit perfectly.

The suits that are offered for rent include those that are of size 20 inches and also those that measure 58 inches at the chest. You can rest assured that when you hire your suit from Dickies Suit Hire that you are going to hire a suit that fits your size and shape perfectly.

If you are a discerning groom that wants to look special and different in a rented suit, then it makes sense for you to hire your wedding suit from Dickies Suit Hire. This company also rents out high quality tuxedos which are available in numerous colours. If you rent six tuxedos from the company, then you get to hire one for free. The company will also match any local price that is lower than theirs. In addition, personnel from the police and fire department and from the ambulance services can hire their suits at a considerable discount.

If you are living in Sussex, then you can hire your suit from Dickies Suit Hire at their branch at 76 -80 Goring road, Worthing West Sussex BN12 4AB. In addition, you can also speak to the company on the phone by dialling 01903 247 701.

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