Greenwoods Suit Hire

1860 Greenwoods Suit Hire is an excellent suit hire company and one that offers a range of high quality suits for hire throughout Great Britain. This is a company that allows you to rent a suit that is part of its latest collection,and each suit always sports an absolutely new look. Greenwoods Suit Hire is also a company that can say with a great deal of confidence that there is no other competitor that can provide the same versatile, functional or high quality suit as it can.

150 years of experience

Greenwoods Suit Hire has more than a century and a half of experience in this line of business. It is also a company that will also doits utmost to provide you with the best quality suits for hire at the most competitive prices. Quality of suits and service is the main focus of all its operations and in addition, it’s online hire services make it easy for you to hire your suit in maximum comfort.

Established in 1860

The company was formed by its original owner Willie Greenwood, who opened the doors of this business in the year 1860. Even today, the company deals with each customer with the same passion as its owner did way back in 1860. This is also a company that provides design flair and outstanding finishing touches, and its aim is to provide the best suits for hire at the most affordable prices.

One hundred plus stores in the UK

Greenwoods Suit Hire also hires a very skilled staff that is there to manit’s over one hundred stores in the UK. These people will do everything in their power to ensure that they succeed in providing suits that are tailored to suit your every need. The company also has an extensive and high quality collection of morning wear in which tradition meets up with modern styles. You can choose from a number of styles including:
  • Prince Edward
  • Tail coat
  • Frockcoat
  • Short Jacket
If you would much rather hire a suit for evening wear,and then you can do so by checking out what Greenwoods Suit Hire has to offer in evening wear suit hire. The company offers evening wear that is elegant and designed for the most sophisticated events. You can also hire high quality dinner jackets as well as a range of evening wear accessories.

Each suit that is available for rent can be ordered through a local Greenwoods Suit Hire store. You can contact the store directly for further information. It is also possible to hire your suit by phone by calling their free phone number 0800 389 1860. There is also an online hire facility that allows you to pay for your suit hire via electronic means. This online hire system is very advanced and will make it very easy for you to hire your suit from Greenwoods Suit Hire.

The company recommends that you collect your hire items from any of their ninety different stores. You can find a store that is closest to you by entering your postcode in the store locater at the company’s website.To contact the company, you can call their customer service number which is 0800 389 1860.

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