Moss Bros Suit Hire

Moss Bros Suit Hire is a premier suit hire company in the UK and one that is highly regarded for its ability to offer a wide range of high class suits for hire at very competitive prices. This is also a suit hire company that can boast of having over one hundred and fifty years of experience in dressing men for all occasions.

Best in traditional morning suits

Moss Bros Suit Hirealso provides the very best in traditional morning suit hire, and in addition, it also supplies contemporary style ¾ length jackets for hire. In fact, its wedding wear including tuxedos and tails are the best that you can find anywhere. The range of morning suits is exhaustive and includes:
  • The Classic
  • Lingfield
  • Carisbrooke
  • Royal Ascot
  • Frock coat
  • Arundel
  • Wedgewood
  • Bourneville
  • Lincoln
  • Madrid

Classic cuts and contemporary suits for hire

If you are looking to hire a suit for a big night out, then Moss Bros Suit Hire will provide you with some very high quality suit hire options. It has a range of classic cuts as well as some very contemporary suits to offer for hire including:
  • Ben Sherman
  • Hilton
  • Cambridge
  • Caribbean
  • Regent
  • Toastmaster

Three day rental periods

Normally, the company rents out its suits for three days. You can also book your suit up to six weeks in advance for morning wear, and for dress wear, you can collect your suit on the same day provided the suit is available in stock. You can also return your suit to a different branch than the one from where you rented it out and without paying an extra charge.

To hire your suit, you will need to visit one of the many different Moss Bros Suit Hire stores where you will need to pay an initial deposit to book your suit. You cannot do the same via telephone because the company does not accept payments by phone.However, overseas customers can book their suit with Moss Bros Suit Hire , but they must also be prepared to allow at least six weeks for their order to be processed.

For overseas clients, Moss Bros Suit Hire will email them a self-measurement and costing form which has to be filled out to help the company know your size. You can also make your booking directly with the company by giving them a call. For overseas customers, a security deposit is required at the time when you are going to collect your suit.

Moss Bros Suit Hire is considered a premium suit hire company that offers the finest suits for hire at prices that are truly competitive. The company has earned a strong reputation for providing outstanding formal menswear and its commitment to providing top class service makes it stand out from the rest. The company specialises in providing high quality suits for hire for the dynamic and discerning gentleman, and it is also a company that is internationally renowned. Those who have dealt with Moss Bros Suit Hire have come to realise that this is a trustworthy company that will always put their needs ahead of anything else.

You can contact this company at Moss Bros Group PLC, 8 St Johns Hill Clapham Junction London SW11 1SA, and you can also call them on the phone by dialling 020 7447 7200.

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