Slaters Suit Hire

Slaters Suit Hire is one of the best suit hire companies in the UK and is very proud of the fact that it can serve each customer in the most personalised manner. In addition, it also offers a lot of choice and has always put the needs of the customer before everything else. This is also a suit hire company with a passion to serve you, and it has done its best to make the shopping and hiring experience a very easy and straightforward one.

Range of garments

Slaters Suit Hire offers a range of garments for hire including shirts, suits, Highland wear as well as an excellent collection of ladies wear. In addition, the company also ensures that each suit is made to very demanding standards for quality and available in a variety of styles and colours.

Twenty-two stores in the UK

Slaters Suit Hire continues to be run by the Slater family and today, the company boasts of having twenty-two stores spread throughout the UK. Each store in each different location has its own tailors and seamstresses that are ready to alter your suit for free. In addition, the company employs dedicated staff that will do its utmost to ensure that you do not lack for anything when choosing your suit for hire.

Slaters Suit Hire also values people above everything else and is proud to state that it is the people that come to it that have helped to make this suit hire company so special. Slaters Suit Hire takes special care of each customer and will make your suit hire experience a most pleasant and rewarding one.

Great customer service

The nice thing about dealing with Slaters Suit Hire is that it does not have the mentality of just getting the job done. The company is always trying to improve its services and this has helped it to ensure that its customers return for more business over and over again. It also offers to rent out its suits for a very affordable price. The company owns a vast selection of high quality suits including those such as:
  • Hugo James two button suit
  • Milan Collection one button suit
  • Rice three button suit
  • Paul Costelloe two button suit
  • Desch two button suit
  • Daniel Hechter two button suit
  • Douglas &Grahame two button suit
  • Lino Vierra three button suit
  • Aquascutum two button suit
If you are planning on attending a wedding or even if you have lined up a date or just want to look your best for a corporate event, Slaters Suit Hire can provide you with the perfect suit on rent. The company has established an enviable reputation for providing the best and most affordable suits for hire, and in addition, also provides truly individualised attention to each customer. Regardless of the occasion, this is the right suit hire company for all your needs because it knows that you want to look your very best and can provide you with the perfect suit to ensure that you do indeed look your best in their suits.

You can contact Slaters Suit Hire by completing their online contact form. You can also speak to their customer service department on the phone by dialling 01698 815563.

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