Zoot Suit Hire

If you are looking to deal with a company that offers zoot suit hire services in the UK, there are currently two companies that can provide you with the right zoot suit for your needs. The names of these two zoot suit hire companies in the UK are:
  • Boogie Knights
  • Antiks Costume Hire

Boogie Knights

Boogie Knights is a zoot suit hire company that has opened its retail shop in Manchester, and more particularly in a place called Walkden. This is a company that is ready to supply zoot suits for hire, and it is also a company that rents out costumes for corporate productions, theatre and for amateur productions. In addition, the company also outfits people who need to attend a party or even a school event.

Boogie Knights is the right zoot suit hire company as it owns a very extensive stock of costumes including zoot suits which are available for hire at competitive prices. The company also rents out zoot suit costumes, which are made up of e a shirt, suit, tie and a hat. Before hiring a zoot suit from Boogie Knights, you will be asked to pay a refundable deposit which will be returned to you after you have returned your zoot suit costume to the shop.

You can contact Boogie Knights at their shop which is located at 36 Worsley Road North, Walkden Manchester M29 3GW. In addition, you can also contact the shop on the phone by dialling 0161 790 1222. Alternatively, it is also possible to contact the company by completing their online enquiry form.

Antiks Costume Hire

Antiks Costume Hire is a zoot suit hire company that has been doing business since it was established eighteen years ago. The company has accumulated a wide stock of costumes and has more than three thousand costumes that are available for hire.  In addition, the company also stocks different wigs, hats as well as plenty of accessories. It also rents out the forties’ look zoot suit which is available in sizes S and M.

Before renting a zoot suit from Antiks Costume Hire, you will be asked to pay a refundable security deposit that is twice the amount of the hire charge. In addition, you will also need to provide proof of address. The company is also willing to provide special costumes for hire and can give you a quote for making the same. It also provides local delivery for a small fee and is based in New Milton in Hampshire.

Antiks Costume Hire is open for business between ten in the morning and six in the evening from Monday to Saturday. This is also azoot suit hire company that also offers postal hire services to UK based customers, but will ask the customer to bear the carriage charges for delivery and returns.

To contact Antiks Costume Hire, all you need to do is pay a visit to their store at 40 Old Milton Road, New Milton Hampshire BH25 6DX. In addition, you can speak to them on the phone by dialling 01425 620300.

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