Suit Hire Costs

If you find yourself in need of formal wear for an occasion or event, you may be quite surprised at just how much choice is available. There are suits on offer for everyone man, women or child regardless of size or personal preference, but would you be better off buying or hiring? First of all, you should ask yourself how many times in a year would you require a formal suit; for the majority of people this will be no more than two or three. If you are someone who uses a suit infrequently then hiring is definitely the best option. Suit hire costs are much cheaper than buying and for an outfit that would spend most of its life in the wardrobe; the decision to hire makes more financial sense.

How much is suit hire?

One thing that can be confirmed is that suit hire costs are a much cheaper alternative than buying. However, how much your choice of suit will cost will depend on a number of factors. The first factor is the shop that you choose to hire from. Suit hire is a very competitive market in the UK and there are hundreds of different companies providing very similar products. Generally, suppliers will try to outdo each other on price, which is a good thing for the customer. Some hire stores will have their suits priced higher than others and there are definitely bargains to be found. This makes shopping around very important. The internet is an excellent resource for shopping for bargains; as well as the dozens of online retailers, there are also many offline companies that use a website in order to promote stock and generate custom. For the customer, this means having the best priced suit hire in one place.

The next factor in determining suit hire costs is the type of suit that you require. There are numerous types of suits available for hire and some will cost more than others. The cheapest and most popular type of suit is the lounge suit. This will consist of a single or double-breasted jacket and matching formal trousers. These suits can be used for any occasion and can be hired for less than £40. At the top end of suit hire are wedding outfits such as Edwardian and morning suits, these will cost anything upwards of £60 to hire, although that price will include the necessary accessories such as shirt, waistcoat, cravat, handkerchief.

The fabric also plays in part in the cost of suit hire. Some fabrics are higher quality than others. Linen and cotton suits will be at the bottom of the price list whereas herringbone, silk and fine wool will towards the top.

Finding discounts on suit hire

Suit hire costs can be kept down by taking advantage of the offers that companies have. On popular offer is “groom goes free” this will allow the groom to get a free outfit when other members of the groom's party order their suit together. Regular discounts are also provided to students and members of the armed forces.

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