Suit Hire For Boys

It is only on rare occasions that a boy will be required to wear a suit. This is commonly a wedding or school prom. When the time comes to find a suit for the event, parents tend to go out and buy an outfit that is suitable. Because parents understand the fact that a suit is worn infrequently, they tend to opt for a larger size of outfit in the hope of getting more use from the suit in the future; it is easy to see why this is done when you take into account the prices or modern suits. The problem is, at the occasion the suit is actually for, the child will look awkward in an outfit that is over-sized. This will not be a good look, especially for a teenager, to whom looking good plays a big part in their lives. Suit hire for boys is the perfect solution to all the problems that hiring causes and means having the perfect outfit for your boy at every single occasion and at a fraction of the cost of buying.

Prom suit hire

The school prom is now a permanent fixture in the school calendar and is one of the most important dates in a teenager’s diary. This is a time when suit hire for boys is essential. The prom suit is not a particular cut or style of an outfit. It is merely the term for the suit worn at the occasion and boys are able to choose from pretty much any suit they like. The most common choice of outfit is evening wear and particularly the dinner jacket. This type of suit is traditionally worn at black-tie events and is perfect for a school prom. The dinner suit is a very formal piece of attire and consists of a black single breasted coat and matching formal trousers. The shirt will be a white one with either a wing or standard collar shirt and bow-tie or tie and handkerchief are included to complete the look.  

The lounge suit is also a popular choice of suit hire for boys in these kinds of occasions, and the single breast jacket and formal trousers are perfect for young men. The shirt, tie and maybe the addition of a waistcoat can add colour to a grey or black suit.

Wedding suit hire

Boys will also be required to wear a suit when attending the wedding, the type of suit chosen will depend on whether the child is a guest at the ceremony or part of the wedding party. The former will be perfectly suited to a nicely tailored lounge suit; the latter will be much different. Boys who are relatives of the groom are often included as part of the wedding party, usually in the role of page boy or usher; this will involve them wearing a suit that matches the one worn by the groom and the other members of the male party. In these situations, the suit hire for boys will be chosen by the groom.

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