Suit Hire For Children

The sight of a child wearing a smart and fitted suit at a special occasion is a big talking point. Other guests will swoon over the child, and parents will constantly receive complements of how cute their children look. Unfortunately, there is not many times in a kid's life when the need for a suit is required; this leads to many parents buying an outfit in a larger size in the hope of being able to use the suit at events in the future as the child grows. The downside to this is that the child will have to wear an oversized suit until they are big enough for it to fit properly and not as many compliments will come your way for a kid in an ill-fitting suit. The perfect alternative to this and a solution to the problem is to opt for suit hire for children.

Hiring a suit for your child

Suit hire for children is popular and pretty much any suit that is available for men is now also designed in kid’s sizes, unfortunately finding the correct sizes is not as easy in children as it is with adults. Some companies will stock suits for children starting at 12-18 months whereas others may start their suits from around ages 4-6, this may mean you needing to shop around for the perfect outfit.
Having the perfect size suit not only looks good but is comfortable for your child; many companies are able to take measurements of neck, chest, waist, sleeves and inseam to provide the perfect suit. You should be aware that this kind of service will not be available from online retailers, and you will need to find a hire shop.

Choosing trousers with an elastic stretching waist is also beneficial, particularly for young children; this will make it easier for them when going to the toilet. A clip-on pre-tied tie and bow tie is also recommended as it will prevent them from pulling the knot too tightly and will also mean a parent does not have to constantly adjust the neck wear.

Children’s wedding suits

Weddings are probably the most popular occasions for suit hire for children, especially kids who are relatives of the bride and groom. Young male relatives are generally included in the wedding party in the role of an usher or page boy. The role of the page boy is generally reserved for children under seven while anyone over that age may take on the duties of an usher. The suit that is worn in these roles will be matching of the suit worn by the groom and other members of the party such as the best man and fathers of the bride and groom.

Typical wedding suit hire for children will consist of a coat with matching formal trousers, a white standard or wing collar shirt, cravat or tie, waist coat and handkerchief. The style and design of the outfit will be chosen by the groom, and it will be his duty to make sure children’s sizes are available.

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