Suit Hire For Men

Suit Hire for men completely dominates the suit hire market. There are suits available for all occasions and hiring means a man never has to turn up to an event in the same thing twice. For the majority of men, the need for a formal suit will only arise on the rarest of occasions, once maybe twice a year, buying a suit that will spend the majority of its life on a rail in your wardrobe seems pointless. Also with today’s fashions, anytime you opt to buy a suit you run the risk of it being out of touch by the time it is next needed; hiring ensures that you stay ahead of trend, a must for the modern style conscious man of today.

Types of suit to hire

One of the biggest benefits of suit hire for men is the amount of choice available, whatever the occasion you can assure that by hiring you will find the outfit you need. There are countless different styles, colours, patterns and fabrics to choose from when picking a suit, the type of suit you opt for will more than likely be determined by the event you are attending.  
Most of the different suits can be fitted into the following categories:
  • Wedding wear
  • Dinner and evening wear
  • Morning wear

Wedding suits for men

Wedding suits are probably the most popular of all suit hires and is the central part of every hire company. As the groom, the wedding suit can be anything you want it to be, but it also a very important outfit and one you must get right. Most men will opt for a traditional form of dress, with a tailcoat or lounge suit, both of these options are safe and never go out of fashion. A popular choice of outfit for modern grooms in search of something more contemporary is the Edwardian suit; this consists of a three-quarter length jacket and matching formal trousers. In terms of choice of colour, it is best to opt for a bright colour in summer such as grey, beige or cream and a darker colour such as navy, charcoal or black for the winter. Linen is recommended as the fabric of choice in summer and herringbone for winter. Fine wool is also common and suited to all seasons.

Dinner and evening suits for men

Evening wear is also popular in suit hire for men who are attending events such as black-tie dinners, balls and banquets. The black dinner jacket combined with matching formal trousers, white shirt and tie or cravat is undoubtedly the best choice for these occasions, and a waistcoat or cummerbund can be added to complete a look.

Morning suits for men

Morning suit hire for men is generally reserved for royal events and occasions such as Royal Ascot. A typical outfit will consist of a black or grey tailcoat with striped or grey trousers, white shirt with tie or cravat, grey waistcoat and top hat to finish the suit.

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