Suit Hire In The UK

If you are someone that is not keen on purchasing a suit, you mustlook for an alternative solution such as hiring a suit in the UK for a short time. Fortunately, there are three excellent companies that are well suited to provide the best quality suits for hire in the UK. These three companies are:
  • Prom Suits
  • The Regency Groom
  • HRH Holmes & Son

Prom Suits

If you are not planning on buying a suit, then it pays to hire one and what better way to hire a suit than to deal with Prom Suits which has teamed up with a leading UK based tuxedo and prom suit hire company called Clermont Direct. Together, they can provide outstanding deals and Clermont Direct in particular has a wide selection of formal suits for you to choose from. This company also provides free delivery and returns.

The company allows you to hire your suit for fourteen days. This helps to ensure that at the very least, you are assured that there will not be any rush to return the suit within a couple of days. In addition,it also means that you will not have to be worried about paying any overdue charges. What’s more, the charges for hiring a suit are also very affordable.

Prom Suits is dedicated to providing you with the best suits for hire and is also committed to providing you with leads to the best merchants as well as deals that are currently available on the internet.

The Regency Groom

The Regency Groom is based in Cheltenham and is a company that enjoys an enviable reputation for providing the best quality suits for hire. It is also a company that supplies the right suit to match every kind of suit hire need. The Regency Groom also enjoys a reputation for providing traditional suit hire services and in addition, is also a company that is very exciting and very different.

For example, The Regency Groom is a company that offers suits for hire to suit the special needs of the modern bridegroom. It is also a company that can also supply excellent quality and wonderfully tailored single-breast dinner suits for hire. The company is also committed to providing the best quality of suits and has an excellent collection of waistcoats and neckwear to complement the suit.

The Regency Groom also provides suits for hire for both men as well as boys and these suits can be paired with waistcoats or cummerbunds as well as a matching bow tie. Students and NHS employees qualify for a ten percent discount.If you wish to contact this company by phone,you can dial 01242 649851.

HRH Holmes & Son

HRH Holmes & Son is a perfect suit hire in the UK company for those who wish to hire a high quality suit for an important occasion such as a wedding. If you have been invited to attend a black tie affair, and then again this is the right suit hire in the UK company to supply you with a perfect suit for such an occasion.

HRH Holmes & Sons is located in the very centre of Hitchin and is a family owned and managed company that has more than two decades of experience in providing menswear and suits for hire. It is there to supply competitively priced suits for weddings and dinner parties and each suit that is rented out is of a very high quality. You can contact this company by dialling 01462 757039, or you can also visit their store which is located at 12-13 Churchyard Hitchin Hertfordshire SG5 1HR.

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