Suit Hire In Plymouth

When it comes to identifying the best suit hire companies in Plymouth, there are at present three companies that stand out from the rest and are worth finding out more about. The names of these three high quality suit hire companies in Plymouth are:
  • Stitches Tailoring
  • Perfection Bridal &Mens Wear
  • Prudence Gowns

Stitches Tailoring

Stitches Tailoring has recently extended its gents suit hire premises in St Judes and can now boast of being the premier suit hire company in the city. The company is there to provide high quality suits for hire inPlymouth and it allows you to hire morning suits, evening wear suits as well as accessories and even waistcoats – all of which are sure to be of a very high quality. If you want to hire morning suits, then there are various options available including:
  • Tail coats
  • Frock coats
  • Prince Edwards
  • Lounge Suits
  • Tuxedos
  • Ascot
  • Nouveau
There are several options available for those who wish to hire evening wear suits. To know more about this company, you will need to contact it by completing an online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can visit their branch which is located at 51 Lanhydrock Road, St Judes Plymouth PL4 9HF.

Perfection Bridal &Mens Wear

Perfection Bridal &Mens Wear is a suit hire company in Plymouth that owns an exclusive collection of high quality suits which are available for hire at very affordable prices. This company is a major player in the wedding industry and has approximately eleven shops from where you can hire a suit for any occasion.

The company offers a range of suits for hire including those such as:
  • Bach
  • Beethoven
  • Blenheim
  • Casino Evening wear
  • Chester
  • Chopin
  • Highland wear
  • Liszt
  • Oxford
  • Richmond
  • Surrey
  • Wagner
  • Worcester and much more
If you wish to contact this suit hire company in Plymouth, you can do so by paying a personal visit to their branch. Alternatively, you can also speak to the customer service representative on the phone. The address of their branch is 59 Exeter Street, Plymouth Devon P14 0AH and the branch telephone number is 01752 262121.

This company offers complete suit hire packages which allow you to hire out a jacket, trousers, shirt and waistcoat as well as cravat and handkerchief for a very affordable price.

Prudence Gowns

Prudence Gowns is a suit hire company in Plymouth that aims to dress your dreams in the most effective manner possible. It is a company that also offers a number of suit hire options including those such as:
  • Formal wear hire
  • Highland hire wear
  • Prom and evening wear
  • Accessories
The company was formed in the year 1982 and has in its thirty odd years of existence become a well-known and popular formal wear hire company. It is a company that operates from Keyham in Plymouth and has a wonderful collection of suits for you to choose from.

You can contact this company by completing an online enquiry form. You can also call the company on the phone by dialling 01752 55 88 58.

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