Suit Hire In Warrington

If you wish to hire a suit in Warrington and you are unsure about which company is the best in providing high quality suits for hire in Warrington, then you should get in touch with two outstanding companies that have earned a reputation for the high quality of their suit hire services. These two companies are:
  • Warrington Suit Hire
  • SG Menswear

Warrington Suit Hire

Warrington Suit Hire is a suit hire company that has been established for more than two decades and it is also a company that has earned a solid reputation for not just the quality of its rented suits but also for its ability to serve its customers in the friendliest and most efficient manner. The company also provides affordable high quality suits for hire and its customer service is also very efficient. Warrington Suit Hire also has long years of experience in measuring gentlemen for suits and thus is best placed to provide them with the perfect suit for their every need.

This company is open for business between 9:30 in the morning and 5:30 in the evening from Monday to Saturday. You can discuss your requirements with them over the phone by dialling 01925 411240. Alternatively, it is also possible to visit their store in person at 11 Manchester Road, Warrington Cheshire WA1 3AB.

SG Menswear

SG Menswear is an independent company that specialises in providing high quality men’s and boy’s formal hire-wear. The company has seen four generations of owners - each of whom has provided customers with the best suits for hire and at prices that have always been truly affordable. When you deal with this suit hire company in Warrington, you are assured of getting good value for your money, and in addition, the company also helps you find a suit that will make you look perfect for any occasion.

This is a suit hire company that owns a very wide range of outfits that include everything from tailcoats to excellent lounge suits. What’s more, the company also rents out a range of accessories to match your attire. The company rents out suits for both formal as well as informal occasions and it also rents out excellent suits for weddings as well as for Black-tie events. It also rents out suits for proms as well as for partying. Without a doubt, this company is sure to offer you a suit for hire to suit your every need and budget.

SG Menswear is a suit hire company with more than two decades of experience in renting out suits. It can also rightly boast of being the one company that is able to provide the best customer service to each of its customers. The company’s main aim is to ensure that each and every detail is attended to and that the customer gets to hire exactly what they want.

This is a company that offers:
  • Traditional style morning suits for hire
  • Silver and grey coloured tailcoats for hire
  • Prince Edward frock coats for hire
  • A selection of waistcoats for hire
  • Overseas wedding packages
  • Latest 2012 prom suits for hire
You can contact SG Menswear on the phone by dialling 01942 261 330.  In addition,  it is also possible to visit their store at 122-124 Bradshawgate, Leigh Lancashire UK WN7 4NP.

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