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An occasion that requires a suit is usually one of some importance, and the fact a suit is needed suggests that a person will be required to attend looking at their best. For many people, these occasions come around no more than two or three times a year with suits not required otherwise; this makes buying a suit unnecessary. Buying is expensive, easily costing a few hundred pounds; because of this, many people choose the option of suit hire. UK suit suppliers are some of the best in Europe providing a customer options for formal wear suited to any event. As a perfect alternative to buying, suit hire allows the user to choose a suit related to the particular event or occasion they are attending and in the perfect style and size, meaning looking anything less than stylish is not a problem.

Types of suits for hire

In terms of suit hire, UK shops do not lack in selection, there are suits for occasions ranging from school proms and black-tie events to weddings and Royal Ascot. There are suits in all kinds of colours and fabrics to match the personal fashion preferences of any individual.

Wedding suit hire is by far the most popular and is generally the biggest seller for all hire suppliers, some companies specialise solely in outfits for the big day, such is the popularity, and even those that offer a broad range of suits put a lot of focus on their selection of wedding outfits. A wedding suit is not one particular kind of suit and grooms are able to choose from a wide selection of outfits that are then styled accordingly for the big day, in fact, almost any kind of suit can be classed as a wedding suit.

Common options of suit hire UK shops are able to offer for weddings or otherwise include:
  • Lounge suits
  • Morning suits
  • Sherwani suits
  • Highland wear
  • Dinner and evening suits
Suits such as Prince Edward and frock coats offer a longer tailor fitted jacket, which is a three-quarter length; these options are generally reserved for weddings and offer a classic contemporary look.

Where can I hire a suit?

Another good thing about the UK is the ease of which suit hire is available; there are shops to be found on high streets in towns and cities across the country and many more options available to customers online. Whichever option you choose when hiring a suit, the benefits are vast with both online and high street offering perks that the other can’t.

For online suit hire, UK suppliers are able to offer benefits to those that are unable to find the time to visit a hire shop. The range of suits is mostly the same whichever option you opt for but online shopping is often the best for budget hire with free delivery and collection widely offered.

Hiring from a shop on the high street will give the customer the chance to try on suits and have outfits made to measure, something that is unavailable with online hire and a reason why this method is still the most popular.

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